Cressi Free Lady OC 5mm Wetsuit

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Colour: Grey
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  • Low-waist pants

  • Smooth outer surface

  • Facilitated water penetration

  • Low-Waist

Cressi Free Lady OC 5mm Wetsuit

The Cressi Free Lady OC 5mm Wetsuit is a premium choice for female divers seeking comfort and flexibility in their underwater adventures. This two-piece soft open cell suit comprises high-top pants and a jacket with a built-in hood, providing comprehensive coverage for a variety of diving conditions.

Constructed from medium-density neoprene, the wetsuit minimizes buoyancy variation during descent, ensuring a stable and controlled dive. The Ultrastretch™ interior is not only smooth but also exceptionally elastic, enhancing overall comfort and ease of movement.

The innovative cut pattern of the Free Lady allows for unrestricted arm movement, featuring a single neoprene panel without seams along the torso, armpits, and inside the arms. The non-long John pants promote optimal rib cage dilation, adding to the suit's ergonomic design.

Open Cell wetsuits like the Free Lady are susceptible to tearing without proper lubrication during donning. It is crucial to use a water-based personal lubricant or a specialized wetsuit lubricant for this purpose. Shampoos and conditioners can shorten the wetsuit's lifespan and are not recommended. Failure to lubricate the wetsuit properly may result in damage not covered under warranty. Ensure a lasting and enjoyable diving experience with the Cressi Free Lady OC 5mm Wetsuit by following these care guidelines.

Care Instructions:

  • Rinse in fresh water after every use

  • Use wetsuit shampoo to clean

  • Hang to dry in shady area

  • Do not leave in direct sunlight

  • Hang for long term storage

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