Cressi Euro Adaptors

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  • Brass

  • 33g

  • Enhanced durability

Cressi Euro Adaptor

Enhance your Euro Speargun's performance with the Cressi Euro Adaptor Brass Set, specially designed as bridal beads for Euro Spearguns with threaded muzzles, such as those from Cressi and Omer. Crafted from high-quality brass, these adapters offer outstanding durability and reliability, proving their worth after just a couple of rubber replacements.

Here's how they work: Insert the small brass ball as deep as possible into the rubber, then secure it in place using constrictor cord to keep the balls firmly in position. Finally, screw the adapter's end into the gun, custom-fitted for certain models. This practical option is highly favored among spearfishers for its reusability, allowing you to use the brass adaptors repeatedly.

Complete your gun rubber by adding a bridal to the other end of the rubbers, resulting in a professionally finished product. Why settle for plastic adaptors that wear out quickly when you can opt for long-lasting brass ones? Elevate your speargun's performance and durability with the Cressi Euro Adaptor Brass Set, a reliable choice that's built to last.


14mm x 1mm Thread 

16mm Hex

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