Cressi Dive Slate

Size: Small
Colour: White
Sale price$15.95 AUD


  • Two sizes: 150 x 127mm (S), 184 x 150mm (L)
  • Convenient attachment points
  • Reusable surface

Cressi Dive Slate

The Cressi Dive Slate is a vital accessory for divers who require a reliable means of communication during underwater exploration. With its waterproof design, it safeguards essential notes and messages, allowing divers to record crucial information without the risk of damage. The integrated pencil holder and sturdy attachment clip ensure easy accessibility and secure fastening to the diver's gear, guaranteeing optimal convenience throughout the dive. Additionally, the reusable surface of the slate enables divers to wipe away notes effortlessly, ensuring clear and concise communication during dives and enhancing the overall efficiency and safety of the underwater experience.

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