Cressi Aquaride Package

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Size: Large
Colour: Black/Blue
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  • Aquaride BCD
  • MC9 Compact Regulator 
  • Compact Octopus
  • Mini SPG Gauge 

The Cressi Aquaride Package 

This package includes four top quality features that will make diving a seamless experience! With multiple sizes to choose from, this compact travel pack is perfect for all divers. The Cressi Aquaride Package features four of Cressi's most popular dive features;

The Cressi Aquaride BCD features an ergonomic design with enhanced functionality, utilising innovative features whilst maintaining a semi-classic structure. With meticulously designed adjustable shoulder straps, there is an improved grip on the tank to enhance overall comfort. The Aquaride BCD is equipped with a Flat Type Lock Aid System of Integrated Weight, to deliver effective and comfortable weight management solution. The system offers a flat profile with user-friendly pocket arrangement to create a hassle-free dive experience. The back is a light, rigid material with a convenient handle for easy transportation. The rear attach weight pockets have a capacity of up to 2kg, contributing to a controlled, balanced dive. 

The MC9 Compact Regulator is the ultimate travel companion for divers who crave maximum performance without compromising on convenience. The second stage is extremely lightweight, constructed from cutting-edge lightweight techno-polymers to reduce jaw fatigue. It is environmentally sealed, and uses the Venturi System. 

The Compact Octopus comes equipped with two settings; dive and pre-dive. It is abrasion resistant, and features the popular yellow that most occy's feature. This occy was designed and engineered with divers' comfort and performance in mind, making it lightweight and compact, crafted using techno-polymers. Like the MC9 Compact Regulator, this occy aims to reduce jaw muscle fatique and create a more enjoyable dive experience. 

The Mini Spg Console reads pressures to 350 bar or 5000psi. It is a mini chrome-plated brass encased gauge, with a textured compact rubber boot for a steady grip. Attached is a connection loop up-top, perfect for attaching a clip or bungee. 

The Aquaride Package is a sophisticated yet user-friendly package for all to enjoy!


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