Cressi Aquaride BCD

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  • Superlight
  • FlatLock aid system
  • Quick attach rear pockets

Cressi Aquaride BCD

The Aquaride BC stands as a testament to ergonomic design and enhanced functionality, offering divers a semi-classic structured experience with a range of innovative features. Its standout feature lies in the adjustable shoulder straps, meticulously designed to provide an improved grip on the tank while enhancing overall comfort. The anatomically preformed profile of the straps ensures effortless wearability and enables a more comfortable resting position for the tank on the shoulders, allowing for extended dive sessions without discomfort.

Equipped with the Flat type Lock Aid System of integrated weight, the BC delivers an effective and comfortable weight management solution. The system's remarkably flat profile and user-friendly pocket arrangement guarantee ease of use, providing divers with a streamlined and hassle-free diving experience. Adding to its user-friendly design, the anatomical control with a hose retainer simplifies all inflation and deflation operations, ensuring intuitive control and a seamless diving experience.

Featuring a superlight rigid backpack with a convenient handle, the Aquaride BC is designed for optimal portability without compromising on durability. The next-generation anatomical inflator with a hose retainer further enhances the BC's ease of use and ensures effortless management of buoyancy levels. Additionally, the expandable sundries pocket with zip closure offers ample storage for essential accessories, while the quick-attach rear weight pockets, with a capacity of 2 kg, contribute to a balanced and controlled dive.

The BC is equipped with three purge and overpressure valves, ensuring reliable safety measures and preventing over-inflation. Versatile, comfortable, and meticulously designed, the Aquaride BC is a must-have for divers seeking a blend of functionality and comfort for their underwater adventures.

Care Instructions:

  • Rinse thoroughly after every use

  • Soak for 10-20 minutes

  • Do not use harsh chemicals to clean 

  • Do not leave in direct sunlight

  • Inflate the BCD a small amount when storing to allow air flow

  • Once dry, store on hanger if possible

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