Cressi 16mm Power Band

Gun Length: 100 cm
Sale price$32.99 AUD


  • 16mm diameter provides powerful performance
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Compatible with a variety of spearguns

Cressi 16mm Power Band

The Cressi 16mm Power Band is a top-quality rubber band designed for spearfishing and diving. It is made from high-grade rubber material that ensures maximum durability and longevity. The 16mm diameter of the band provides powerful performance, making it ideal for underwater hunting and fishing activities. It is compatible with a variety of spearguns, making it a versatile option for any diver. The Cressi 16mm Power Band is designed to deliver reliable performance and endurance, even in the most challenging underwater environments. Whether you're a professional or recreational diver, this power band is sure to meet your needs.

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