Aussie Reels Baracuda Reel

Colour: Black
Sale price$149.00 AUD


  • Holds 50m of line

  • Durable

  • Stainless Steel components

Aussie Reels Baracuda Reel

Discover the Aussie Reels Baracuda Reel, lovingly known as the Cuda Reel, a spearfishing essential crafted for superior performance. Crafted from premium quality nylon, this reel boasts a generous 50 meters of 2mm dyneema line, ensuring you have the length you need for successful underwater pursuits.

Engineered from a single block of durable nylon, the Cuda Reel is built to withstand the harshest underwater conditions. It features a robust stainless steel center pin, delivering exceptional strength and long-lasting durability. Say goodbye to worries about your gear's reliability.

The Cuda Reel's line guide is also constructed from stainless steel, providing unwavering strength while preventing line fraying. Rest easy, knowing that your gear can handle the rigors of spearfishing without compromise.

Installing the Aussie Reels Cuda Reel on your spearfishing gun is a breeze. No drilling into the barrel or handle removal is required. Thanks to its innovative clamp-style bracket, you can effortlessly attach it directly onto the barrel. Choose from four distinctive styles to suit your preferences and dive into your next spearfishing adventure with confidence. Upgrade your gear today with the Aussie Reels Baracuda Reel and experience spearfishing excellence like never before.

Line not included.

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