Aqua Lung Surelock Weight Pocket

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Size: 15LB
Colour: Black
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  • Single pull release

  • Sold separately

Aqua Lung Surelock II Weight Pocket

Optimize your diving experience with the Aqua Lung SureLock II Weight Pockets, available for individual purchase and meticulously crafted to complement a wide range of Aqua Lung BCDs. Engineered with a user-friendly single-pull release system, these weight pockets effortlessly integrate into the BCD jacket, providing a secure fit with a reassuring click.

Explore the convenience and reliability of the Aqua Lung SureLock II Weight Pockets, designed to enhance the functionality of your Aqua Lung BCD. Each weight pocket is sold separately, allowing you to customize your diving gear according to your specific needs. Elevate your underwater adventures with these state-of-the-art weight pockets that combine ease of use with a secure locking mechanism, ensuring a seamless and worry-free diving experience. Dive confidently with Aqua Lung's SureLock II Weight Pockets, the perfect blend of innovation and practicality for discerning divers!

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