Aqua Lung Plazma Mask

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  • Frameless design
  • Single lens
  • Low volume

Aqua Lung Plazma Mask

The Aqua Lung Plazma Mask is the ultimate choice for divers of all levels, offering a frameless panoramic design that ensures a perfect fit and unparalleled comfort. Crafted from surgical-grade premium silicone, this mask provides superior softness and durability for long-lasting performance.

The Plazma Mask incorporates enhanced stability zones strategically placed in the silicone skirt, relieving pressure and improving the overall fit. Its lightweight and compact low-profile design not only enhances hydrodynamics but also adds a touch of style with fresh colour combinations to choose from. With lens options available in Clear or Amber, you can optimise visibility based on your diving environment.

Equipped with Quick Fit Buckles, the mask allows for effortless adjustments even while wearing thick gloves, ensuring a secure and customised fit. The Advanced Fit Technology (AFT) enhances the sealing features of the silicone skirt, maximising comfort and minimising leaks.

To enhance comfort during long dives, pressure reduction zones are integrated into the mask, further relieving pressure points and enhancing overall wearability. Additionally, the Plazma Mask comes with a reusable protective case, keeping your mask safe and secure during storage and transport.

Experience the perfect blend of fit, comfort, and style with the Aqua Lung Plazma Mask. Dive with confidence, knowing you have a high-quality mask that delivers exceptional performance and enhances your underwater exploration.

Care Instructions:

  • Rinse in fresh water after every use

  • Do not use chemicals to clean

  • Do not leave in direct sunlight for extended periods of time

  • Do not dive in face first

  • Do not put near an open flame (this will destroy mask seals and void warranty)

  • Use anti-fog and pre cleaner to prevent fogging

  • Store in a cool place

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