Adrenaline Mens Rashguard Long-Sleeve Top

Size: Medium
Colour: Black
Sale price$42.95 AUD


  • 50+ SPF Rating
  • Prevents Sun Burn
  • Extremely Comfortable

Land and Sea Mens Long Sleeve Rash Shirt


The Land and Sea Mens Long Sleeve Rash Shirt is rated 50+ SPF which is what you need in the Australian sun to prevent from getting sun burnt. Sun burn occurs when you least expect it and don't notice until it is too late, wearing sun shirt will allow you to stay in the sun all day and have piece of mind that you are completely safe. Many people will also wear it under hire wetsuits for hygiene reason as you never know how clean they are. Wearing it just as a top for protection is probably the most common way, not only for sun but for and stingers in the water, especially in the warmer waters where jellies tend to live. Being a cool light weight lycra, you can wear this shirt all day every day and be comfortable in it for hours as it wont feel like you are wearing anything. Slip, Slop, Slap is such a huge saying here in Australia and you should really take in seriously as it could one day potentially save you life.


To have your rash shirt last, you will need to give it a good clean after every use, whether you have been in the pool or the ocean, you need to give it a good hand wash in soapy water. Rinse off all of the chlorine, salt or sand and squeeze all of the water out. Then if possible try to lay it flat to dry as if you hang lycra, it will stretch from the water dripping down. If you can find somewhere out of direct sunlight, this will allow it to keep its color and not fade.

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