Adrenalin Hooded Lycrasuit Adult

Size: Large
Colour: Navy
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  • Soft and stretchy lycra

  • Perfect for sun and stinger protection

  • Durable  

Adrenalin Hooded Lycrasuit Adult

The Adult Adrenalin Hooded Lycrasuit is a top-quality water sports essential crafted from premium Lycra. Versatile and protective, this suit offers adults additional coverage with its built-in hood, safeguarding the head and neck during aquatic adventures.

Ideal for surfing, snorkeling, diving, and various water sports, this lycrasuit ensures crucial sun protection, warmth, and comfort. Its high-quality construction makes it a reliable choice for extended periods in the water, providing durability and flexibility for unrestricted movement.

Stay comfortable and protected throughout your aquatic activities with the Adult Adrenalin Hooded Lycrasuit, designed to meet the demands of water enthusiasts seeking quality and versatility.

Care Instructions:

  • Rinse in freshwater after every use
  • Clean in cold water and wetsuit shampoo every so often
  • Dry on hanger in shady area, not in direct sunlight

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