Adrenalin 2P Thermo Shield Adult Long Sleeve ZIP Top

Size: Small
Colour: Blue
Sale price$59.95 AUD


  • Thermal Rash Shirt 
  • Zip Front
  • Worn for Warmth and Sun Protection

Land and Sea Zip Thermo Shield Top

The Land and Sea Zip Thermo Shield Top is made from an inner fleece layer that helps maintains body heat, which allows the wearer to stay warm in the water for longer periods. The outer layer is made form a 50+ SPF wind proof polyester. The Land and Sea Zip Thermo Shield Top can be worn by itself or it can be worn as an undergarment for scuba diving or spear fishing. On its own it is great for protection against the sun, to keep warm in the water while swimming or snorkelling or for protection against the wind in above water sports such as kayaking and jet skiing.

Care Instructions:

  • Rinse in freshwater after every use
  • Clean in cold water and wetsuit shampoo every so often
  • Dry on hanger in shady area, not in direct sunlight

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