Ocean Hunter SGS 600 Speargun

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Ocean Hunter SGS 600 Speargun
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Ocean Hunter SGS 600 Speargun Reviews

  • Niko
    State: QLD
    Picked this gun up for 100$ Not only is it a great buy for people starting in spearfishing! I still use it today for my shallow reef dives, great gun handles two rubbers fine with a reel attachment, shot some decent reef fish with it too.

Product Description


The Ocean Hunter SGS 600 Speargun is a extremely popular gun for beginners who want to start spearfishing but do not want to spend a fortune. This lightweight aluminum barrel is easily maneuvered through the water as it is a shorter gun yet still packs a punch. Being 600 in length this gun is best used in shallow water chasing smaller reef fish due to the shooting range being only 2.4m which means that you ned to get closer to your target. Equipped with a 6.5mm stainless steel spear with a threaded mako tip that has a double flopper on it which can be changed to a cluster head (sold seperately). The 16mm rubber with a dyneema bridle gives the perfect amount of power for this length gun to hit its maximum range without loosing any power and the comfortable loading butt helps with loading. You should never load a speargun out of the water and most definately never shoot a speargun out of the water, the recoil in this is huge and can be extremely dangerous. The muzzle on the SGS 600 spear gun is a double muzzle which means that a second 16mm rubber can in fact be fitted to the gun give more power, however this is only needed if you are chasing larger fish that are thicker and your spear is not penetrating through. The larger the fish, the thicker they get so more power is needed to get through them and this is when you would need to put another 16mm rubber on to the gun. Connecting the spear to the gun is mono line which is extremely strong and does not tangle and this is what keeps you spear connected to the gun when you have pulled the trigger. The distance that you will get from this particular gun is approximately 2.4m. The general rule is the spear will go 4 times the length on the gun, so at its maximum length from handle to spear tip will be at 2.4m. This will give you plenty of distance to catch those smaller reef fish in shallow waters.  There is a safety catch on the handle of the gun that sits just above the trigger mechanism, this is to be used carefully and not to be relyed on. Only load your gun when you are ready to shoot, do not load, flick the safety on and then get ready, if the safety catch fails, it could be potentially very dangerous. Only load the gun once you are ready to shoot.


When purchasing a speargun, there are a few extras that we recommend you purchase to complete you kit. A float rope and divers float are the 2 main extras. The rope is connected to the gun at the handle via a shark clip and the other end of the rope is to be connected to the float or bouy, this will ensure you will not loose your gun by accidental dropping it, or having a fish steal it! (It does happen). The float will also have a divers flag on it which will let boat owners know that you are in the area under the water so they will then keep their distance. A pair of gloves is another item that we recommend you purchase also. Once you have shot your fish, trying to grab it and finish the kill can be very difficult without gloves. Fish are not only slippery but also have made spikes and teeth so gloves will prevent cuts and scratches as well as grip. Here at Dive Warehouse we are loaded with information regarding spearfishing, gear and tips so feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Product Features


  • 6.5mm Stainless Steel shaft
  • Alumiminum barrel
  • 16mm sinlge rubber
  • Double muzzle
  • Comfortable loading butt
  • Dyneema bridle
  • Threaded Mako spear tip
  • Interchangeable Cluster head - sold seperately
  • 600 in length
  • Double flopper
  • Surelock mechanism
  • Plastic line release
  • Safety Catch




  • Blue Camoflage




  • 600mm Barrel length with a shooting distance of 2.4m
  • 16mm Rubber


Care Instructions


  • Rinse with fresh water after every use to remove all sand and sea water
  • Keep rubbers in the freezer if not being used for long periods of time - this slows down the perishing process
  • Remove spear when cleaning and dry throughly before storing
  • Keep in a dry and safe place
  • Do not load out of water
  • Do not rely on the safety

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