O'Hunter Assassin Knife

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O'Hunter Assassin Knife
  • 9cm Blade
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O'Hunter Assassin Knife Product Description


The O'Hunter Assassin Knife is a spearfishing knife that is the perfect style for burley and braining a fish. It is a 9cm blade with a 35mm serated edge. The plastic sheath has a double lock system that is very secure however is easy extraction with a single hand use. The Assassin come with rubber leg straps for mounting. The blade is extremely thin and there fore can not be bent or twisted when killing a fish, a inwards and outwards action is to be used for this knife. 


When spearfishing, the main reason you would be carrying a knife is to kill the fish after you have caught it. As long as you know the correct way to do this, it doesn't matter how large or small the knife is as it will always do the same job. The best way to use this knife once you have caught your prey, is to place the tip of the blade directly above the head and in one sharp stab, you will hit the brain to give an instant kill. This may take a bit of practice as you will need to get the correct spot on the first time, rather than attempting this over and over again, potentially stressing the fish, which you ideally do not want to do.


Other uses for a spearfishing or freediving knife are to be able to cut line or rope if you happen to get caught up in it or your spear gets tangled. The holes in this specific knife also allow you straighten out the tip of your spear if you worst case hit a rock and it bends. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at Dive Warehouse on the Gold Coast where we can answer any question regarding sparfishing gear.




  • Blade 9cm
  • Handle 9.5cm
  • Total 18.5cm

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