Cressi Nano Crystal Mask

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Cressi Nano Crystal Mask
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Cressi Nano Crystal Mask Product Description


The Cressi Nano Crystal Mask is designed to be used for scuba diving, spearfishing or freediving as it is a great all rounder that is suitable to all sports. It is extremely low volume which means its internal air space is very small which is a great feature for spearfishing and freediving. When heading underwater you need to equalize your ears and also your mask to prevent for mask squeeze so having the least amount of air in the mask is better for freevivers who only have the amount of air in their lungs. With scuba divers, they have excess air from the tank so being low volume doesnt make a huge difference to them. The Nano is made with a 100% high grade silicone that is extremely soft and you can be assured that this mask will be comfortable after hours of diving. The unique angle of the cressi frame sits close to your cheeks and further away from your forehead. This allows for maximum vision with a wider field of view and the twin tempered glass lens are crystal clear. The swiveling buckle system on this particular mask allows you to get the best fit possible without having to pull the strap in a awkward direction and are super easy to release. With a split style strap system, you can get a comfortable fit and a secure fit every time.


How to look after your mask:  All of our masks here at Dive Warehouse are made from 100% silicone with tempered glass. When a mask is made, it gets a thin layer of silicone on the inside of the glass. This is what causes it to fog. Anti-fog's will not work until it has been pre-cleaned, as to work it needs to reach the glass and with the silicone layer covering this, it cant work. To remove this layer of silicone, you will need to purchase a pre-cleaner and these products have a slight abrasive in it and will scrub off that silicone layer. Once the mask has been cleaned, it will need an anti-fog liquid which you can purchase a good quality anti-fog here at Dive Warehouse. After you have cleaned your mask and are no longer fogging, you will need to wash your gear after every use to prevent it from perishing. The best way to clean you mask and snorkel is to put them in a tub of fresh warm water and give them a good rinse. this will take off all of the salt and sand that you get from the ocean. Store them away in a dark dry place to prevent the silicone from turning an off color. The sun will do this if you store them in direct sunlight.


Product Features


  • 100% High grade silicone
  • Low internal volume
  • Twin Tempered glass lens
  • Swivel buckle system
  • Unique angled frame
  • Wide field of vision
  • Split style silicone adjustable strap
  • Easy to equalize
  • Great choice of colours
  • Also Available in HD Mirror Lens




  • Black
  • Pink
  • Clear
  • Blue
  • Yellow




  • Adult - One sizes fits most




  • Twin Lens




  • Lens - Tempered Glass
  • Frame - Plastic
  • Strap - Silicone


Prescription Lenses Available


  • No


Care Instructions


  • Wash in fresh clean water after every use to remove salt water
  • Store away in plastic box provided after dry
  • Do not leave in direct sunlight
  • Do not dive in face first
  • Do not put near an open frame
  • Use antifog and pre cleaner to prevent fogging








Cressi Maya 5mm Wetusit                       Cressi Beta Snorkel






How do I stop my mask from fogging?


A new mask will need to be cleaned first on the inside of the lenses to remove any residue from manufacturing, this is done with a mask lens cleaner. Then an anti-fog is to be placed on the inside of the lens before use. 


How do I know if the mask wont leak?


Place the mask on your face without the band, breathe in gently, if air is coming in then it will most likely leak. You do not want air air to be entering the mask.


I have a beard and my mask always leaks, what can I do?


With facial hair you can either shave it off (which most guys will not want to do) or you can place a layer of vasoline on your facial hair here the mask skirts sits and this will seal it up. The aim is to get all of your hair going in the same direction downwards. 


What is best - Clear silicone or Black silicone?


This is a personal preference and neither is better than the other. Black silicone will shield you eyes from the sun and tunnel your vision, clear silicone will open up your peripherals.


Which is the best brand?


The best brand of mask is the one that fits your face the best. They are all made with 100% silicone and tempered glass. 


What is the warranty?


The Cressi warranty of the dive masks is 2 years. If you need to make a claim, the product will need to be sent back to Cressi to be assessed before a decision is made.

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