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Wetsuits can be worn all year round, however depending on where you live and the water temperatures your can sometimes get away with it in summer. Scuba wetsuits come in different thicknesses, sizes and styles. Finding the correct on for you can be tricky however here at Dive Warehouse we can help! We keep a variety of brands and sizes for every body and budget, including Mares, Oceanic, Probe and more.


A 3mm suit is generally used in summer, warmth is a small factor, however sun protection and stinger protection is a big part. 3mm dive suits and super flexible and comfortable.


A 5mm dive suit is generally used in winter and is the most popular pick when purchasing one. Not only is it perfect for those cold days/nights, but it also stops sunburn, stingers and scraps. Just because its a 5mm doesnt mean you cant wear it in summer due to being too hot, this is because if you start to warm up, just open the neck to flood the suit and you will cool down instantly.


Also known as: skin suit, skinsuit, lycra, body suit, bodysuit, wet suit, wetsuit, dry suit, drysuit, exposure suit, dive suit, diving suit, scuba suit

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Land and Sea Stinger Suit
Mares Reef Mens 3mm Wetsuit
Market price: $159.95 save 15%
Mares Shorty C-Flex 2.5mm Wetsuit
Market price: $79.00 save 18%
Ocean Pro Mens Orbit 3mm Steamer
Market price: $129.00 save 16%
Land and Sea Adrenalin Long John
Mares Male Stinger Suit
Market price: $99.95 save 15%
Mares Manta Mens Shorty 2mm Wetsuit
Market price: $79.99 save 15%
Land and Sea Adrenalin Short John
Market price: $79.99 save 14%
Land & Sea Thermo Full Suit
O'Pro Orbit Mens Shortie

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Displaying Products 1-10 of 10
 Show Results:1230all

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