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Scuba Diving Safety Gear

Scuba divers can be hard to spot in the water, even a relatively short distance from a boat or shore if conditions are rough. Signaling devices are important pieces of safety equipment that help scuba divers be seen and heard if they need assistance. If you are diving from a boat, you should always have a dive flag flying which tells other boat owners that there are divers in the water and if you are diving from the shore line, you should have a flag attached to a floating bouy that follows you around to do so also. There are many different types of safety devices that are used for different things but the most common one is a safety sausage or surface signalling device. These by law need to be on you at all times and cant be shared so every divers has to have there own. These are generally made of PVC or canvas and are approx 1.5m in length. They are a long bright orange of yellow inflatable signal tube that you use to get the attention of someone when on the surface. Being so long, they can be seen over choppy waters and the bright colour is easily seem. They are can be inflated by mouth or from air in your tank and can potentially get you found if lost. Another item that most divers will have on them is a marine whistle which again is to get the attention of someone when you need help on the surface. Other items that you may want and need in certain situations can include a compass, an underwater shaker and a writing slate. All of these items can help in times of need whether it is to get your attention of your buddy whist underwater or to find your way back to the mooring line. 


Here at Dive Warehouse on the Gold Coast we a wide range of safety equipment for scuba diving and carry brands such as Mares and Oceanic. Any questions you can ask any of our staff who are all scuba divers and can give you the right information.


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Cressi Compass with Retractor
Market price: $94.99 save 15%
Mares Compact Bouy
Market price: $54.99 save 15%
Mares Diver Alert Marker Bouy
Market price: $99.95 save 15%
Mares Under Water Slate
Market price: $19.99 save 20%
O'Pro Deco Bouy With Pouch
Market price: $89.99 save 14%
O'Pro Finger Reel
Market price: $34.00 save 15%
O'Pro Small Underwater Slate
Market price: $14.99 save 13%
O'Pro Tank Rattle
Market price: $32.00 save 13%
O'Pro Wrist Slate
Market price: $29.99 save 13%
Ocean Pro Dive Flag
$10.49 - $13.99
Oceanic XL Dive Slate
Market price: $24.99 save 12%
Spare Parts Kit For Scuba Diving or Snorkeling
Market price: $110.00 save 19%

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Displaying Products 1-12 of 25
 Show Results:1230all

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