Regulators and Occy's

Scuba Diving Regulators and Occy's

Scuba diving regulators (regs) are the most important part of your kit- without a regulator there is no way to breathe underwater! Your regulator is your life source so you want to make sure that you buy a reputable brand from an authorised dealer. Purchasing a brand new reg is a safe way to go as you never know what you get when buying second hand. Here at Dive Warehouse we have top quality brands to choose from. All of our friendly staff are trained in scuba diving so can give you helpful advice to find the reg best suited to your needs and budget.


Your scuba regulator takes high pressure air from your scuba tank through a yoke or a DIN valve and adjusts it to the pressure you need for breathing. It supplies air only when you inhale (on demand) and directs your expired air into the water when you exhale. It also routes air to your BCD for buoyancy and instruments including a pressure gauge to see how much air you have left. There are many regulators in the diving industry, from budget to the highest of quality with all the bells and whistles.The type of diving you are doing will also determine which reg you will need. For example, if you are cold water diving you will need a reg to suit. Included in a regulator set will be the 1st stage, 2nd stage and also an occy which is a back up regulator for emergencies.


At Dive Warehouse we carry all different price points in Mares, Oceanic and Cressi regulators. When purchasing diving gear we tend to say "if you are to put money into's your regulator as its your life source". We can also order Aqualung, Apex and Hollis regs on demand. Not only do we carry regs for recreational diving, we can also provide technical diving gear and hookah dive regulators (for sale as a package with the compressor and float). Check out our scuba shop today.


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Aqua Lung Legend MBS Regulator
Market price: $1089.00 save 10%
Atomic SS1 Octo
Market price: $579.00 save 9%
Atomic T3 Titanium Regulator
Cressi Compact Octopus
Market price: $195.00 save 3%
Cressi Master T10-SC & Compact Occy Set
Market price: $1208.00 save 19%
Cressi Master T10-SC Cromo Regulator
Market price: $879.00 save 9%
Cressi MC9-SC Compact Pro & Compact Octopus Set
Market price: $788.00 save 18%
Cressi MC9-SC Compact Pro Regulator
Market price: $599.00 save 2%
Cressi Octopus XS
Hollis 200LX DCX Regulator
Mares Dual 15X Regulator
Market price: $549.00 save 9%
Mares Dual Adj 62X & Dual Octopus Set
Market price: $948.00 save 17%

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Displaying Products 1-12 of 32
 Show Results:1230all

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