Speedo Aquapulse Pro Goggle

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Size: Adult
Colour: Black/Silver
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The Speedo Aquapulse Pro Goggle represents a pinnacle in swim eyewear, catering to the needs of competitive swimmers and fitness enthusiasts alike. Crafted with cutting-edge technology and a focus on performance, these goggles offer a range of features to elevate your swimming experience.

The Aquapulse Pro Goggle is designed with mirrored lenses that not only reduce glare but also provide UV protection, ensuring clear vision in various lighting conditions. The IQfit™ 3D goggle seal technology creates a secure, leak-free fit, enhancing comfort and performance in the water. The double silicone head strap adds stability, making these goggles ideal for intense swim sessions.

Equipped with an anti-fog coating, the Aquapulse Pro Goggle ensures that your vision remains clear throughout your swim. The interchangeable nose bridges allow for a customized fit, catering to different face shapes and preferences. The hydrodynamic design minimizes drag, contributing to improved speed and efficiency in the water.

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