Rob Allen Vecta 2 Handle

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Colour: Black
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  • Increased strength at the barrel

  • Solid stainless steel mechanism

  • Super comportable grip

Rob Allen Vecta 2 Handle

The Rob Allen Vecta 2 handle is moulded from PA6 30% GS glass filled with polyamide which is made to handle the power needed to hunt large bluewater fish. The external shrouds and an internal barrel spigot increase strength at the barrel and mechanism interface to give plenty of power. All load bearing pivot pins as well as the sear are manufactured from solid stainless steel there foe being super strong and being able to with hold a huge amount of pressure. The rubber overgrip is clamped in place by the cheekplates to prevent twist on firing. The spring loaded line release cam returns to position after firing for ease of loading. The Rob Allen Vecta 2 handle comes on all Rob Allen guns and is a popular choice of handle when changing from an exsisting gun handle. The quality that has been put in to this particular handle is of top form and has been proven over and over again. If you are looking to upgrade you gun handle, this is a great way to go.

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