Oceanic USB Cable - VEO

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  • USB Cable

  • Connects To VEO 2.0, VT4, Pro Plus

  • Transfers Data

Oceanic USB Cable - VEO

This Oceanic USB cable is designed to connect to the Oceanic Veo 2.0 Console, VT4 & Pro Plus 2.1 & 3 to transfer data from the dive computers to your Mac or PC. Simply insert the cable into the computer and insert the USB into you chosen device. Before use, the correct software must be downloaded in order to read the data.

The DIVERLOG Software is needed for those who use a MAC.

The OCEANLOG Software is needed for those who use a PC.

 For more information or to help with downloading the software please visit https://ediverlog.com

 Care Instructions:

  • Do not attach to a wet dive computer

  • Store away in cool dry place

  • Only use with compatible devices

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