Oceanic OceanLog USB Cable

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  • USB Cable
  • Transfers data
  • Microsoft or Mac compatible

Oceanic OceanLog USB Cable

The Oceanic OceanLog USB is a data transfer cable compatible with the Oceanic Atom 2, Geo 2.0 and the F10. The OceanLog USB connects to the computers using a clip that sits over the metal attachment points to be able to transfer the data. The clip then has a cable to a USB that can be plugged in to your chosen computer and once connected it will send your diving log over. Most divers like to keep their diving data for reference and writing it down can be time consuming so having a transfer cable takes all the time and effort out of it. Before you can transfer the data across, you will need to download the appropriate software depending on if you are using a PC or MAC. You can find both of these on Oceanicaus website.

The DIVERLOG Software is needed for those who use a MAC.

The OCEANLOG Software is needed for those who use a PC.

 For more information or to help with downloading the software please visit https://ediverlog.com

Care Instructions:

  • Do not attach to a wet dive computer

  • Store away in a safe place

  • Only use on the Oceanic Geo 2.0, Atom and F10 watches

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