Nautilus Lifeline Marine Rescue GPS

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  • 1.5m radius of position
  • 5 yr battery warranty
  • 130m depth rating

Nautilus Marine Rescue GPS

The Nautilus Lifeline Marine Rescue GPS goes beyond being a mere Personal Locator Beacon (PLB); it's a direct lifeline to boats and ships in your vicinity. This remarkable device not only transmits your position but does so without triggering an emergency status, making it an invaluable tool for safety-conscious individuals.

The precision of this GPS device is nothing short of astonishing, pinpointing your location within a remarkable 1.5 meters of your actual position. It's a game-changer in safety technology.

In the event of an emergency, the Nautilus Lifeline Marine Rescue GPS sends an immediate man overboard message to vessels within a 55-kilometer range, including your own. Its compact, positively buoyant, and eye-catching bright orange design ensures that even if accidentally dropped, you can spot and retrieve it effortlessly. Measuring just 75 x 97 x 39mm and weighing a mere 131g, you'll hardly notice it in your pocket, ensuring that it's always within reach.

This incredible GPS device is rated to withstand depths of up to 130 meters and comes with a reassuring 5-year warranty on the battery, making it an absolute must-have for ocean enthusiasts. Whether you're diving, snorkeling, spearfishing, or surfing, the Nautilus Lifeline Marine Rescue GPS is your trusted companion for safety. Don't compromise on your well-being; always be prepared.

It's worth noting that all modern commercial ships and yachts are equipped with AIS (Automatic Identification System) and DSC (Digital Selective Calling), enabling universal worldwide use of this GPS. Activating the DSC function is a breeze – simply load your ship's MMSI (Maritime Mobile Service Identity) with the built-in optical sensor for peace of mind on the water. Your safety should never be compromised, and the Nautilus Lifeline Marine Rescue GPS ensures that you're always connected and protected."

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