Hydro Skelly Glove

Style: Right Hand
Size: Small
Sale price$59.99 AUD


  • Left and Right Available
  • Nylon Inner
  • Silicone Outter

Product Description


The Hydro Skeyy Glove is a high performance competition glove that is made from a stretchy nylon inner, with 2 layers of soft silicone on the outside. It is extremely comfortable and with segmented padding, this removes resistance to movement. All of the major impact points are padded from the heel of the thumb, between thumb and index finger, all knuckles, around the thumb and the back of the hand. No matter the impact of where you get hit, the padding will prevent or reduce any damage.


The Skelly has reinforced fingertip pads to reduce wear and tear and with 2 layers of silicone, this helps the longevity. Without material on the outside of the glove, any nicks can be easily repaired if required.



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