Eyeline Long Blade Rubber Swim Fins

Size: 30/33
Colour: Blue/Orange
Sale price$39.95 AUD


  • Full Foot Rubber Swim Fins

  • Float in Water

  • Flexible Foot Pocket for Easy On-Off

  • 100% Rubber

Eyeline Full Foot Rubber Swim Fin Product Description

The Eyeline Full Foot Rubber Swim Fin is the ideal rubber swimming fin for squad training, lap swimming, general fitness or snorkeling. Made from 100% natural floating rubber means that not only is it extremely flexible and comfortable to wear, it also floats in the water which helps with keeping your legs higher to keep you in a good swimming position. The eyeline swim fin comes in a large range of sizes from baby 26/29 Euro to adults 46/48 Euro. The idea with wearing a fin is to improve swimming endurance, strength, technique and increase fitness levels. There are a few reasons of why you would use a swim fin and the first is to build up your fitness and increase you muscle strength. Second is to create a small amount of resistance which would help with rehabilitation or legs, hips or your back and third is to help float your legs when learning to swim. The rubber design will give you more floatation which will help you stay more vertical which is the position of where you want to be when swimming. Every swimmer needs a pair of fins in their swim equipment bag.

Product Features

  • 100% full rubber blade and foot pocket
  • Natural Floating rubber
  • Comfortable and flexible foot pocket
  • Improves swimming endurance
  • Perfect for squad training
  • Great for learn to swim
  • Available in children and adult sizes


  • Orange blade with blue foot pocket


  • Sizes shown are mens US sizes in sizing chart below
  • For females, we suggest you take 1 Fin size smaller. E.G if you are a Ladies US 8, we suggest you try the US 5-7
  • If you know your Euro shoe size, it is reccommended you choose the fins size by your Euro size

Care Instructions

  • Rinse in fresh water after every use
  • Store in a cool, shady place
  • Do not leave in direct sunlight for long periods of time
  • Do not walk in the fins
  • Do not use chemicals to clean the fins


Eyeline Black Max Vorgee Lycra Cap


What happens if the size I order does not fit me? Can I return it?

- Here at Dive Warehouse we are happy to exchange any item as long as the product is in brand new condition and you have proof of purchase. You will need to fiil out our returns form located on the front page of Dive Warehouse.

How should my fins fit?

These fins should fit as snug as possible whilst still being comfortable. The tighter they are, the better as if there is movement then they will move and cause blisters.

Is there a left and a right foot?

No, all of the snorkelling fins are universal to both feet.

How do I clean the gear?

After every use, give the finst a througher clean in fresh water to remove all salt, sand or chlorine. The better the clean, the longer the set will last.

What is the warranty?

Eyeline offer a 1 year warranty on manufacturing faulty. The item will need to be sent back for assessment with proof or purchase.

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