Cressi Threaded Tip Extender

Sale price$29.99 AUD


  • Extender attachment
  • 40cm
  • 8mm stainless steel

Cressi Threaded Tip Extender

The Cressi Threaded Extender is a purpose-built accessory crafted to seamlessly attach to both Cressi 1 piece and 2 piece hand spears. This extender adds valuable length to your spear, significantly extending your reach and enhancing your ability to target fish that may be farther away.

For added versatility, you can easily screw on the cluster head to the end of the threaded extender. Alternatively, you have the option to explore the tri-cut tip, which includes a single flopper for precision spearfishing. Elevate your spearfishing game with the Cressi Threaded Extender and enjoy the advantages of extended range and enhanced accuracy on your underwater adventures.

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