Cressi Stainless Steel Fish Stringer

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  • Stainless steel
  • Durable
  • Can attach to float

Cressi Stainless Steel Fish Stringer

The Cressi Fish Stringer is your ultimate companion for spearfishing success. This robust stringer boasts a 2mm stainless steel cable equipped with a handy swivel at one end. What sets this stringer apart is its 7mm tricut point pin, which serves a dual purpose as a fish-killing spike, ensuring your catch is swiftly and humanely handled.

The concept behind this wire stringer is simple yet effective: Attach it to your float before your dive. When you've successfully caught a fish, swim back to your float, effortlessly thread the stringer through the fish's mouth and out its gill. This ingenious technique keeps your prized catch securely attached to your float until you're ready to wrap up your dive.

It's essential for spearfishers to avoid keeping dead fish on their person, as this can attract other hungry fish and potentially compromise your safety. Invest in the Cressi Fish Stringer for a hassle-free and responsible way to handle your catches during your spearfishing adventures.

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