Cressi Jumbo Roller Bag 140L

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  • 600 denier twisted polyester fabric
  • 140L capacity
  • Adjustable shoulder straps

Cressi Jumbo Roller Bag 140L

Introducing the Cressi Jumbo Roller Bag 140L, the ultimate travel companion for discerning divers seeking efficient organization and ample storage capacity for their underwater adventures. Designed with the most demanding divers in mind, this bag ensures you can transport all your dive gear effortlessly during holiday travels or leisure time.

Boasting an impressive volume of 140 liters and clever internal partitioning, the Jumbo Roller Bag makes preparing your luggage a breeze. The two side pockets, featuring the iconic fin logo inside, comfortably accommodate even extra-large fins up to size XXL. Meanwhile, the two front pockets come in handy for stowing accessories like towels, T-shirts, and sunglasses.

The top pocket serves a dual purpose, safeguarding the two-position telescopic handle while concealing a special interior pocket for a personal details card. Inside the spacious compartment, you'll find ample room to organize all your technical equipment, accommodating items up to size XXL. From a complete 7mm hooded wetsuit to a jacket, boots, gloves, mask, mouthpiece, and regulator, everything has its place, secured with two specialized straps.

Thanks to the exterior buckle system, the bag can be compacted further by adjusting the straps according to your packing needs. The large, highly durable wheels are easily replaceable, ensuring longevity, as they are attached with screws and locknuts. For added versatility, the shoulder straps can be conveniently concealed in the back pocket and effortlessly pulled out when needed. The newly designed adjustment buckles on the shoulder straps allow for rapid adjustments, even when the bag is on your back.

The Cressi Jumbo Roller Bag 140L is your trusted companion for hassle-free organization, robust durability, and easy transport, so you can focus on exploring the underwater wonders without worrying about your gear.


Volume: 140 Litres
Weight: 4.5 Kg
Length: 50 cm
Width: 35 cm
Height: 80 cm

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