Cressi Flat Lock Weight Pocket

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  • Max Weight 4.5 kg per pocket
  • Sold separately
  • Durable Zipper

Cressi Flat Lock Weight Pocket 

The Cressi Flat Lock Aid System Weight Pocket is a single pocket that suits the majority of the Cressi BCDs. They have a 4.5 kg max weight rating (8.38 lb) and are made from a durable nylon material with a strong zip closure. The flat lock buckle system is easy to use and clips into the BCD pocket slot with ease. The weight integration pockets allow you to remove the old style weight belt and keep the weight together in a secure pocket.

Compatible with:

  •  Cressi Commander EVO

  • Cressi Patrol

  • Cressi Aquaride

  • Cressi Travelight

  • Cressi Carbon

Care Instructions

  • Rinse in fresh water after every use

  • Do not leave in direct sunlight

  • Make sure they are securely in place before entering the water

  • Take out of BCD when not in use

  • Store away with BCD in a safe place

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