Cressi Epsilon SPE Dry Snorkel

Colour: Black/Blue
Sale price$71.95 AUD


Experience comfortable and confident breathing with the Cressi Epsilon SPE Dry Snorkel, meticulously engineered to elevate your snorkeling experience!

This snorkel is equipped with a unique mechanism featuring a valve that closes when submerged, preventing water from entering when beneath the surface. Whether intentionally or accidentally submerged, the risk of snorkel flooding is eliminated. The corrugated silicone base, with a smooth inner side, keeps the snorkel away from your mouth during scuba diving. It includes a water collection well with a large elliptic valve, ensuring easy and rapid water expulsion.

Crafted from hypoallergenic silicone, the mouthpiece and corrugated tube guarantee comfort. Positioned at an angle and complemented by a quick-release snorkel keeper, this snorkel ensures a secure and enjoyable snorkeling experience. Dive confidently into the underwater world with the Cressi Epsilon SPE Dry Snorkel, where innovative design meets comfort for an unmatched snorkeling adventure.

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