Aqua Sphere Vista Adult Goggle

Colour: White/Red
Sale price$59.99 AUD


The Aqua Sphere Vista Adult Goggle is a top-tier eyewear choice for water enthusiasts seeking comfort, clarity, and style during their aquatic activities. With a wraparound, low-profile design, these goggles provide a wide, 180-degree field of vision, allowing users to enjoy a panoramic view while swimming. The lenses are made from high-quality, scratch-resistant materials with anti-fog and UV protection, ensuring clear vision and eye safety in various conditions.

Designed for ease of use, the Aqua Sphere Vista Goggle features a quick-adjust buckle system that allows for effortless strap adjustment, making it convenient to achieve a snug and customized fit. The soft, silicone skirt and contoured frame design enhance comfort, while the one-touch buckle ensures easy and quick donning and doffing. Whether you're a fitness swimmer or a recreational water enthusiast, the Aqua Sphere Vista Adult Goggle offers a perfect blend of performance, comfort, and style for an exceptional swimming experience.

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