Apollo SQR 420 SS Knife

Colour: Black
Sale price$79.00 AUD


Apollo SQR 420 SS Knife

  • High-quality stainless steel blade

  • Compact and versatile design

  • Sharp and durable cutting edge

  • Secure and comfortable grip

  • Includes a convenient sheath for storage and transport

The Apollo SQR 420 SS Knife is a high-quality and versatile knife designed for use in a wide range of underwater activities, including diving, fishing, and spearfishing. Made with premium materials and advanced construction techniques, this knife offers excellent performance, durability, and reliability in even the most demanding underwater conditions.

The SQR 420 SS Knife features a compact and lightweight design that makes it easy to carry and maneuver underwater. Its high-quality stainless steel blade is sharp and durable, making it perfect for cutting through a wide range of materials, including ropes, fishing lines, and kelp.

The knife's handle is designed with both comfort and security in mind. It features a textured grip that provides a secure and comfortable hold, even in wet or slippery conditions. The handle is also shaped to fit comfortably in the hand, reducing hand fatigue and improving overall control.

Included with the SQR 420 SS Knife is a convenient sheath that allows for easy storage and transport. The sheath is made from a durable and water-resistant material, ensuring that your knife stays protected and easily accessible whenever you need it.

Whether you're an experienced diver, fisher, or spearfisher, the Apollo SQR 420 SS Knife is an excellent choice for your underwater adventures. Its high-quality construction, versatile design, and sharp cutting edge make it an indispensable tool for any serious underwater enthusiast.

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