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Womens Swimwear – Which Style is best for you?

Posted on June 26, 2016

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These days women’s swimwear comes in a variety of sizes, shapes and cuts. Trying to find the right one for you can be tricky so this blog is to give you some information to take on board when looking for a new swim suit.


First of all is the material and determining which material will be best for you. You can get Chlorine resistant or lycra. Of course the chlorine resistant fabric will last a whole lot longer and if you are in the pool a couple of times a week, this will definitely be the way to go. It is a little more expensive; however it will last long and will not have to be replaced as quickly.  Lycra is cheaper but looks the same with all of the different shapes and sizes. This fabric however will perish quicker that the chlorine resistant material. Don’t get me wrong though, if you give it a thorough wash straight after every swim, you will still get some time out of the lycra suit.  


Next is the cut of a swimsuit. Now depending on your body shape, size and how conservative you are will determine which style to go for. The cut out racer back with high legs are quite revealing which many swimmers like as they can be more streamline. However if you are not comfortable with “revealing” then a mid or low cut leg may be the way to go for you. The back that you will probable prefer will be a clip back, scoop back or pulse back which cover more skin.


The type of back that may be best for you can be determined by flexability. Sounds weird but this is very true. We have many mature ladies that are unable to pull a cross back or leader back up over their shoulders and this is where the scoop back or clip back work their magic. Very easy to get on and off without tangles.


If you are wanting minimal straps and something that you can potentially do squad racing in will be more like the leader back, power back and medalist back. These straps are thin and allow maximum movement.


Last but definitely not least is the type of cup that you want in your swimmers. Many ladies that have larger breasts can struggle with swim suits as support is extremely important. Today you can get a variety of types including underwire, removable cups, shelf bra, moulded cups and prosthetic pouch opening. This means that you can get the best possible style for your needs.


Even though swim suit shopping can be over whelming, be sure to chat to us here at Dive Warehouse as we are confident that we have the right suit for you. We carry swimmers from Ladies size 8-22.


Happy swimming