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Aqua Aerobics

Posted on July 15, 2017

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Aqua Aerobics


Aqua aerobics is one of the best ways to get a great workout without having to worry about getting sore joints or having any type of pain that you can typically get when hitting the gym. Knees, ankles and hips are the most common places where people get pain, whether you are running, at the gym or playing a sport to get fit, sometimes it unpreventable. Getting in to the water for Aqua aerobics is the best way to prevent making any of these sore area worse. The reason for this is that in water, you are weightless which takes all of the pressure off of your joints. 


One of the most popular items that we have here at Dive Warehouse is called a deep water running belt. This dense foam belt wraps around your waist with a webbing adjustable strap and is designed to keep you afloat while in the water. You hop in to the deepest part of your pool where you can not touch the bottom and start running. Obviously you will not go anywhere other than probably in circles but what is happening is that your are getting the exact same workout as if you were running on a tread mill or around the block however you are having no impact what so ever on your joints.  These are often recommended by physio's to keep your weight under control and to strengthen the body part that is needing rehab. 


Webbed gloves are another big selling item. These are made from neoprene with webbed fingers and come in different sizes. If you are needing any type of rehab on your arms, shoulders or back, these will be the perfect item. The webbed fingers give resistance to build up muscle without being too hard on your arms. 


Last but not least are the water dumb bells that are used with buoyancy instead of weight. They are designed to float which gives you the resistance to push them under the water to get your workout without the strain on your body.


If you are having any type of pain when exercising, try getting in the pool, swimming alone will help with fitness, Heath and wellbeing.