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Ocean Hunter Hand spears

Posted on April 26, 2016

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Are you thinking about getting in to spearfishing but you don’t want to go out and purchase a gun as your not sure if you are going to like it and don’t want to waste the money? Well.... there is a much cheaper option to go with and it won’t break the bank. Why not try a hand spear? These come in 2 different materials and different lengths so you can decide what’s best for you depending on your budget.

A hand spear can be made out of fibreglass or aluminium. Fibreglass is a much stronger more flexible material which will allow the spear to take on larger fish, where as aluminium is a weaker material and can bend easier than fibreglass.

The way to use a hand spear is to take the rubber and hook the loop around your thumb on your strongest hand. Then using your other hand, help yourself stretch the rubber as far up the hand spear as possible until it will stretch no longer and grab the hand spear with your hand where your thumb is hooked on the rubber. Holding the hand spear with the one hand only, you can then aim at your chosen fish. When ready, let go and the stretched rubber will catapult like the spear towards the fish. Make sure you open your hand wide enough to allow the rubber to fly from your thumb.

Make sure you practise first starting off with only pulling the rubber up the spear small amounts to get used to it, doing this in the shallows where you feel comfortable. Then once you are feeling more confident and feel ready, grab you mask, snorkel and fins and get hunting!


Good Luck!