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Posted on March 13, 2017

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Scuba Diving is one of those sports that once you get a taste, you'll forever be planning your next dive . Here at Dive Warehouse we of course all love it. There is a whole other world under the ocean that man has only just discovered with about only 5% been seen. If you love the water whether its snorkeling or swimming then you're probably going to love Scuba Diving. There are over a million plant and animal species that live under the water and that doesn't count all the ones that haven't been found yet. If you're not sure if you will like diving, whether it be nervous, confidence or the unknown, why not try a snorkel session. Grab yourself a mask, snorkel and fin pack and hop in to any calm area whether it be a sea way, reef or creek and see what you think. Snorkeling is the tip of the iceberg to diving but you will know straight away if you are enjoying the underwater world. You may find yourself so wrapped up in the amazing creatures and environment that only being on the top of the water is not enough and you want more.

The first step to Scuba diving is of course our SSI "Open Water Diver Course". This is a 3 day course that gives you all of the information and skills that you will need when heading in to the deep blue. You will learn about the equipment with what it does and why you need it, how to be a safe diver and how to deal with emergency situations. Don't worry, you will not be thrown in to the ocean straight away and have to worry with currents or visibility, no no no! You will be eased in to scuba diving via a 5m swimming pool. Starting off in the shallow end and working your way to the deeper end and learning skills as you go with our professional dive instructors. If you're not confident on something, no worries, you can perfect it before you take the next step with the very understanding staff.

The next day  you will head out to a marine sanctuary for your open water dives and this is where it gets exciting. You will see all different marine life that you probably haven't encountered before.  Turtles are a favorite with a elegance like no other gliding through the ocean without a care in the world. Perhaps you will see a sea snake, octopus, coral or a harmless wobbegong  shark chilling out on the ocean floor. Don't worry, it doesn't end there, you will get another day with 2 more dives to experience the marine park with your knowledge from the dives before. This is where you will gain more confidence as you will almost be finished your course and officially be a "Open water Diver".

It's that first breathe that you take under the water that you won't forget, it's a surreal feeling but so exciting and advanced that you can get hooked on diving from that alone. Do your course with a best friend, partner or family member or simply head to the course by yourself and meet many of the other new divers that are looking to meet new people just like yourself. All of our staff are extremely friendly and will make you feel welcome.

Before you start your dive course, getting your own mask, snorkel and fins are a must. The most important piece of equipment when diving is your mask. If this doesn't fit, your dive can be ruined as you will be constantly flooded with water so you won't be able to concentrate of anything else. Having your own snorkel is for hygiene reasons and fins are more so you have the correct fitting and the blade is suited for your needs. Here at Dive Warehouse we have a huge range of Scuba Diving mask, snorkel and fins to choose from in many different brands and styles. Let us fit you in to your chosen gear so you get the most out of diving.

Now if you are already a open water diver and want to expand your knowledge and skills, we have the course for you. It is called the SSI "Advanced Adventure Course" which is a 2 day course and here you will be taught more in depth about diving and you will head deeper with navigation skills.

If you have any questions or want more information of Scuba Diving, feel free to contact us here at Dive Warehouse on 07 55316511 or our Dive Centre on 07 56793191.

Happy diving!!!