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Inflator and Occy in One - The Air XS from Oceanic

Posted on April 11, 2016

Inflator and Occy in One - The Air XS from OceanicDividerimage

The Oceanic Air XS is part inflator hose and part Occy. The inflator hose is of course the corrugated hose that sits over your left shoulder on the BCD when scuba diving that inflates and deflates your jacket. The Low pressure hose runs along the corrugated tubing and this is where you get your air from. Now generally at the end on the inflator hose is a small trigger mech which has 2 buttons on it, one is to inflate and one to deflate.


An Occy or Octopus is your emergency regulator that you have for emergencies only, whether it is used by yourself or your buddy, its there ready for use. This is attached to your first stage on your main regulator and comes over your right shoulder on a yellow hose.


The Oceanic Air XS is a great designed piece that has incorporated the inflator and Occy together by attaching the octopus on to the end of the inflator hose. This means that you can get rid of a hose, which would normally have your occy on to be more stream line in the water.  


It is easy to assemble yourself or if you do not feel comfortable doing this, you can take it to your local dive service tech to connect it.