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How to prevent Scuba Diving Mask Fog

Posted on March 20, 2012

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Your dive mask is a vital part of your scuba gear, if you've ever had a dive mask fog up whilst diving you will know it ruins the whole dive, blocking your view and impeding communication between you and your buddy. Mask fog can also be dangerous, being distracted by a foggy mask and you can lose track of buoyancy and surroundings resulting in panic or becoming lost. Mask fog is easily prevented, a new mask or mask that is consistently fogging just needs a good clean, and there are many different options out there.

Cleaning a New Mask


  • Scour the inside of the lens with a mild abrasive dive mask cleaner


A pre-cleaner that has a mild abrasive in it is the perfect product to remove and residue left behind from manufacturing. You can purchase this from any dive shop or you can use a at home product which is toothpaste. Toothpaste needs to be NON GEL type the gel pastes do not contain enough abrasives. With a circular motion and a little bit of pressure, thoroughly scour the inner surface of the lens with about a small sized drop of pre cleaner of toothpaste for several minutes on the inside of the lens only. Rinse and repeat 2-3 times. This process is only done every few months to keep any residue from building up,


  • Use an Anti-fog liquid or gel to stop the fogging


Once the mask has been pre-cleaned, an anti-fog will need to be applied. You can purchase an anti-fog from any dive shop. This is the best and more used product however you can try to spit in your mask as saliva is a natural anti-fog. Keep in mind that spit may not always work.


Hopefully this all goes a long way to making your diving far more enjoyable and a little less foggy!