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Choosing a Dive Torch

Posted on June 13, 2016

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Having a strong and reliable torch for night diving is extremely important, not only for visibility but for safety. When diving at night you want to get a bright white light and you can get this from an LED bulb. LED’s give a nice white light which shine through particles rather than halogen bulbs which are a yellow light and reflect particles. You will find that the majority of quality underwater torches will now have LED bulbs. Next thing that you want to check for is the amount of lumens that the torch has. Lumens are what determine the brightness, the more lumens, the brighter your torch will be.


Ideally when diving you should have both a primary and a secondary torch. The primary is of course the main torch that you will use and should be the largest and brightest. The secondary torch is there as a back up in case your primary torch fails for some unknown reason. Secondary torches are generally smaller and more compact so they can fit in your BCD pocket. Imagine diving at night and having your primary torch die, you will be in complete darkness…No thank you!


Another feature that you can look at when choosing your dive torch is the battery style. You can get replaceable batteries or rechargeable batteries. With replaceable ones, you will of course be spending more money in the long run replacing those batteries. With rechargeable ones, you can simply plug the battery in to the recharge dock when it gets low in power, wait for it to charge and off you go again.


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