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5 Most Popular Scuba Diving Fins

Posted on June 25, 2017

5 Most Popular Scuba Diving FinsDividerimage

When looking for a scuba diving fin, you really need to figure out what you want to get out of your fin. Do you want a lot of power? Do you want a soft blade or a hard blade? Full foot or open heel?


If you’re not too sure with what you want and are a little overwhelmed with the selection of fins that we have here at Dive Warehouse, don’t you worry, we are here to help and give you all the information that you could possible need to help choose the correct fin for you.


In this blog we will suggest 5 different fins that are suitable for scuba diving that are popular for not only beginners but also advanced divers. Keep in mind that there are many more fins to choose from, these are just our top picks for today.


Oceanic Manta Ray Fin:


These are a light weight yet powerful fin that makes the most of every up and down kick using its great curved blade feature. You will receive plenty of power to get you through the toughest of currents, yet will still be relatively easy on your legs.


Mares Quattro + Fin:


These are a power fin and give you a great workout. They have been around for many years and will continue to be as they are known for being great quality. If you are looking for a power fin with a wide blade, these will be suitable.  The bungee strap allows easy on and off.


Tusa solla Fin:


These are a mid strength fin that have a multi flex blade which takes the strain from your ankle and puts it on the blade. This means that they are easier on your legs but still give you the maximum amount of thrust.



Cressi Frog Fin:


These are a mid strength blade giving you enough thrust for diving but they will also be easy on your legs. The foot pockets are a thinner style and give a comfortably snug fit which is important when choosing your fin.


Oceanic Viper Fin:


These are a softer strength blade that is perfect for the casual diver who doesn’t want strain on their legs. The Viper will give you enough thrust for diving in calmer waters and can be doubled up as a great snorkelling fin.



Feel free to contact us here at Dive Warehouse for any information or these or other Scuba Diving fins and we will help you get in to your very own set that are perfect for you.