Zoggs Accessories Pack

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Zoggs Accessories Pack
Zoggs Easy Fit Cap Zoggs Ear Plugz Zoggs Nose Clip Zoggs Goggle Pouch
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Zoggs Accessories Pack


The Zoggs Accessories Pack is made up with 4 items that you would generally use when swimming. It contains the Zoggs easy fit swimming cap, nose clip, ear plugs and a goggle case. All of these items are small accessories but can help with your swimming. Whether you get water up your nose, in your ears or are trying to keep you hair as dry as possible, these items will help you along the way. 


The Zoggs Easy Fit Cap is made with 100% silicone and is very stretchy which makes it perfect for those swimmers who are in the pool a lot and want something that they can feel comfortable wearing for hours at a time. Being silicone, this means that it will keep your hair as dry as possible, however water will always seep through where your ears but not enough to wet your hair through. Silicone caps need to be put on with care, the best way to put on one correctly is to insert your hands in to the caps and spread your fingers to the shape of the cap, then starting from the crown of your head, drag the cap straight down over your hair until you reach your ears then pull your hands out. This is the best way to put on the caps as if you grab and pull from front to back, it is more likely to tear. Available in 5 great colors. 


The Zoggs Aqua Ear Plugz are an adult size that are designed to keep the water from entering your ears. Getting water in your ears can cause ear infections and ear aches and this is a very unpleasant feeling. The Zoggs Ear plugz and made with 100% silicone and are incredibly soft and comfortable to wear for hours at a time. They are a molded shape that is designed to fit perfectly in to the contour of your ear. With a handy carry case you can be sure not to loose them and keeping them clean is a breeze. 


The Zoggs Nose Clip is a universal adult fit that blocks water from entering your nose. It has a easy fit plastic frame with super soft silicone pads that gentle block your nostrils. It fits majority of faces and comes with a handy carry case to keep your nose clip in so you don't loose it or get it dirty. Whether you are using a Centre snorkel, doing back stroke or just hate water getting up your nose, the Zoggs Nose Clip will be the perfect item for you. 


The Zoggs Elite Goggle Case is a semi hard case that is designed to hold you swimming goggles to prevent scratching or losing. The Zoggs case is slightly larger than its competitors cases which is a huge plus as some of the goggles these days and larges mask styles which do not fit in to the average cases. For this reason, the Zoggs Elite Goggle Case is our more popular item. Being made from a heavy duty material, you can drop the case and know that your goggles inside will be safe. There are small drainage holes that allow air flow to prevent mold occurring. If you were to put your goggles in to a case without air flow, bacteria will grow extremely quickly, especially here in Australia with our warm climate so the drainage holes are a must. 

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