What is in a Swimming Pack?

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What is in a Swimming Pack?

What is a Swimming pack?


A swim pack is the best and most affordable way to get everything you need for swimming in one hit. You can of course purchase everything individually; however, a package is easier and less stressful. The packs include all of the items that you will need for swimming. When starting out swimming, there are a few basic items that you will need and this article is here to give you some guidance.


What Do I need?


  • Swimming Goggles
  • Swim Cap
  • Kickboard
  • Pullbouy
  • Swim Fins
  • Mesh Bag


The above list of items are the basics and what each swimmer should have to get started. There are many more items and accessories that you can add along the way as you start to swim more often and want to increase your performance. Let’s break these items down and chat about them.


Goggles – Swim goggles are generally made of silicone and are what protect your eyes from the chlorine, salt water and the suns harsh rays. They come in many different brands, styles, sizes and types to suit each and everyone’s needs. Goggles are a very personal fit as each face is different so to get the best fitting goggle means that they ideally need to be tried on. For more information see our how to choose a goggle here.


Swim Cap - These come in a few different materials which are designed for different purposes. The most common is silicone and these are to prevent your hair from getting wet. Water will unfortunately always seep in to the cap but it will help keep your hair as dry as possible. Lycra caps are material and do not keep your hair dry, these are simply designed to keep your hair out of your face. Maybe schools recommend these for the children to prevent hair clogging the pool filters. Lastly are the latex caps and these are the least common. They are a very thin material that are perfect for anyone who is allergic to silicone. They will keep hair as dry as possible but are not very durable.



Kickboard – A kickboard is a dense foam board that is designed to give stability when swimming allowing you to use your legs only to propel yourself through the water. The kickboard will be a guide that you hold out in front of you when swimming. They come in many different shapes and sizes yet all have the same purpose. The more you spend, the denser and more durable the board will be giving you more buoyancy.



Pullbouy – A pullbouy is foam jellybean style float that is placed between your thighs to prevent you from kicking. This allows you to use your upper body strength only to propel you through the water. To keep the pullbouy in place you will need to hold your legs together tight otherwise the pullbouy will fall out. They also give you a little floatation for your lower body as sometime when only using your arms, your legs can drag and sink a little.




Swim Fins – Swim fins are the perfect item to have in your swim kit as they are useful for many different reasons. They come in 2 lengths including a standard long blade and a short training blade. The long fins are the more common style and are what any new swimmer and all children start with. These give buoyancy and propulsion when in the water as well as toning and provide endurance. The short training fins are more designed for a quick workout as you are kicking twice as often. They are also great for rehabbing any lower body injury as they do not create as much resistance.



Mesh Bag – Once you have all of your swimming items, you will need a bag to keep it all in and these mesh bags allow the wet gear to drip dry and air out preventing mould growth. When all of the swim gear is together, it is less likely to get lost or go missing.


This pack above is a great starter pack, however once you begin to advance in swimming there are more accessories that you will need which include hand paddles, centre snorkel, finger paddles and more. You can ask any of our friendly staff here at Dive Warehouse if you have any questions.

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