What are Hand Spears?

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What are Hand Spears?

What are hand spears?


Hand spears are what you use for spearfishing without being a gun. They are a hand held pole with a 10mm rubber which is use to propel the spear forward. There are 3 different materials that they can be made from and come in 1 or 2 pieces.



Aluminium – This is the lightest material and entry level price point. Aluminium is perfect for beginners or youngsters who want to get in to spearfishing but do not want to spend much. These are not the most durable so hunting only small fish is what you would use this one for.



Fibreglass – This is the mid-price point and mid quality when it comes to hand spears. Fibreglass is durable and flexible so it will have some give in it when hitting a fish allowing it to flex and not break.



Steel/Fibreglass – This is a blend on both materials and is the most durable hand spear due to the flexibility of the fibreglass and strength of the steel component. If you are wanting to catch mid-sized fish then this pole spear is the way to go.



How is works:


When it comes to a hand spear, its quite simple and easy to use. There is a 10mm rubber that is connected to the rear of the pole and this is what you use to get propulsion. When holding the spear, you hook your thumb around the rubber, then pull the rubber forward to the front of the spear, stretching the rubber as far as you can. When you have pulled it as far as possible you want to grab the pole with the same hand that the rubber is in and hold tight. This now means that the hand spear is “loaded” and ready to go. When ready, aim at your target and when you let go, the pole will shoot forward to where you are aiming.


Why choose a hand spear over a speargun?



Hand spears are generally the first step to spearfishing and is what majority of people start with. These are easy to use, budget friendly and a great way to get you hunting in the water comfortably. Many parents prefer their kids to start with a pole spear not only for ease but for teaching them responsibility with sharp and dangerous products. We of course recommend that all children are supervised by a parent at all times when using a hand spear.



Once you are comfortable with the hand spear and would like to take it up a notch with power and quality, this is when you would look at a speargun. For more information check out our advice article on Choosing a Speargun.


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