Vorgee Starter Pack

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Vorgee Starter Pack
Adult Kickboard 4 Layer Pull Bouy - Blue 4 Layer Pull Bouy - Pink Mesh Equipment Bag Long Swim Fin
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Vorgee Starter Pack


The Vorgee Starter Pack has been designed for beginners who are getting in to swimming and need the essential gear. This pack contains the Eyeline Swim fins, Vorgee Kickboard, Pullbuoy and the Vorgee equipment mesh bag.



The Eyeline Full Foot Rubber Swim Fin, is the ideal rubber swim fin for squad training, lap swimming, general fitness or snorkeling. Made from 100% rubber, this swim fin floats in water and has a flexible foot pocket for easy putting on and off. The eyeline swim fin comes in a large range of sizes from junior to adult. The idea with wearing a fin is to improve swimming endurance, strength, technique and increase fitness levels. There are a few reasons of why you would use a swim fin, the first is to build up your fitness and increase your muscle strength. Second is to create a small amount of resistance which would help with rehabilitation and third is to help float your legs when learning to swim. The rubber design will give you more floatation which will help you stay more vertical which is the position of where you want to be when swimming. Every swimmer needs a pair of fins in their swim equipment bag.


The sizes are based on Mens Shoe sizing, Womens Sizing Select 1 Size Down.


The Vorgee Adult Kickboard is made from a high quality EVA construction and is the classic shape designed for adults. It has great stability and appropriate floatation for men and women, no matter what style of swimming you are doing. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced swimmer, you will benifit by having the Vorgee kickboard in your swimming kit. The Vorgee kickboard is a swim aid to guide you whilst working on kicking and different strokes, it will not keep you afloat. It will put you in the optimum position in the water for swimming which will increase you technique when not using the board. The most common use of the kickboard is to concentrate on your kicking style as your hands will be holding the board so you can focus on your legs. Many swimmers who are not 100% confident in the water will also use this board.


The Vorgee Adult Pullbuoy is designed for over 12yrs. It is made from a high quality EVA construction and has a body contouring figure 8 shape which allows for correct leg width. It consists of multiple layers to provide optimum buoyancy to assist with alignment in the water.The Pullbuoy is designed to place between your thighs to prevent from kicking, therfore working harder on you upper body to keep moving. The pullbuoy will keep your bottom end afloat which will allow you not to sink. Beginners or advanced swimmers can use this item, however if you are not a strong swimmer, perhaps use a kickboard instead until you are confident. It is available in blue or pink, and in junior size also.


The Vorgee Equipment Mesh bag is a quick dry mesh with double reinforced stitching which is great for holding all of your swimming gear in. Being mesh, yoy can place all of your wet swimming equipment in to and have it drip dry. It has a broad shoulder strap for extra comfort when carrying around and a name tag for easy identification which is a great feature, especially when there are a number of others who have the same swimming gear. A equipment mesh bag is a must when coming to purchase your swimming gear, as its the one item that keeps everything together and from getting lost or mixed up. They are available in many great colours.

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