Vorgee Accessories Pack

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Vorgee Accessories Pack
Vorgee Superflex Cap Vorgee Nose Clip Vorgee Ear Plugz Vorgee Goggle Case
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Vorgee Accessories Pack


The Vorgee Accessories Pack is a great little pack that contains some of the smaller accessories that you will use in day to day swimming. It contains the Vorgee superflex swimming cap, ear plugs, nose clip and goggle pouch. 


The Vorgee Superflex Silicone Cap has been made with the ultimate in silicone technology where it is softer and more durable than the standard silicone cap. Silicone caps need to be put on with care, the best way to put on one correctly is to insert your hands in to the caps and spread your fingers to the shape of the cap, then starting from the crown of your head, drag the cap straight down over your hair until you reach your ears then pull your hands out. This is the best way to put on the cap as if you grab and pull from front to back, it is more likely to tear. A swimming cap should be kept in a swimming geabag to prevent from loosing it.


The Vorgee ear plugs are made from a soft durable silicone which make them super comfortable to wear, especially in your ear. They have a three tiered design to lock in to the ear canal preventing water seaping in to the ear, with three layers the water is less likely to get past all three tiers. When swimming, there is nothing worse than getting water in your ear and being "clogged" up for hours after. The vorgee ear plug is placed gently in to your ear canal where its fits comfortably and will prevent the water from entering, stopping ear infections and blocked ears. Not all swimmer will wear ear plugs, but if you have any issues at all, then this particular product will do wonders. Because they are so soft, you can barely feel them there. They come with a waterproof storage case to be kept clean and prevent loosing them.


The Vorgee nose clip is a one size fits all. It is made from a easy to fit wire frame with soft silicone pads for comfort and fits majority of faces. It is used to keep water from going up your nose. Many swimmers can not swim without a nose clip so this is perfect for them. It can be used for training, recreational or racing as it is light weight and super comfortable. With the adjustable steel frame that bends in to place, it can be worn by all face shapes. If you are doing back stroke or swimming with a Centre snorkel, this nose clip is a must as these are the times where most water will go up your nose. It comes with a reusable storage box for after you have finished swimming you can put it in here to prevent you from loosing it.


The Vorgee Goggle pouch is designed to keep your goggles protected from getting scratched, damaged or lost. They are mostly made from a neoprene which is on the sides for cushioning and mesh panels along the edge for aeration and quick drying. They have a handy clip on one end where you can secure it to your bag to prevent from loosing them. Goggles get lost every single day and it can get costly when having to purchase new goggles every few weeks so keeping them in a safety pouch that is connected to your bag, they will never get lost again. When a goggle lens has scratch marks on them, it can be extremely hard to see out of, this pouch will prevent this problem.

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