The Ultimate Cressi Spearfishing Package

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The Ultimate Cressi Spearfishing Package
Cressi Yuma Speargun Cressi Metis and Corsica Snorkel Cressi Gara Modular Fin Ocean Hunter 1.5mm Sock Cressi Spider Glove Cressi Mac torpedo 11 BE Knife Ocean Hunter Chameleon Core 3 Wetsuit Cressi Torpedo Float Cressi XL Apnea Bag Cressi Rubber Weight Belt
  • 85cm
  • 95cm
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • X-Large
  • XX-Large
  • 38/39 (US 5-6)
  • 40/41 (US 7-8)
  • 42/43 (US 8-9)
  • 44/45 (US 10-11)
  • 46/47 (US 12-13)
  • Small (US 5-6)
  • Medium (US 7-8)
  • Large (US 9-10)
  • X-Large (US 11-12)
  • Small
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The UItimate Cressi Spearfishing Package Product Description


The Ultimate Cressi Spearfishing Package is a pack that we have put together here at Dive Warehouse that includes all of the gear that you need to get started. It includes a mask, snorkel, fins and speargun. Wetsuit, gloves, socks, weight belt, knife and  bag as well as a float with line. Purchasing a spearfishing pack allows you to get everything you need to get started with out having to think about it too much. We have put the pack together for spearfishing enthusiasts and below is a break down of each item that you will receive in this package including brand and information. 


The Mask


The Metis mask is made with 100% silicone which is extremely soft and make it comfortable to wear for long periods of time and has twin tempered glass lenses. It is an extremely low volume mask. eing low volume means that there is less air inside the mask when being worn. When heading underwater, you need to equalize, this means you need to equalize the air inside your mask to prevent for mask squeeze. When scuba diving, this is easier as we have spare air to use from our tanks, however when spearfishing, you are on breathe hold so you need less air in your mask so you dont use up too much breathe equalizing. With the super easy adjustable side buckles that you squeeze to release, this mask is a great choice for not only beginners but advanced divers also.


The skirt is a black silicone which is generally used by spearfishermen however many divers do like the black silicone, it really is a personal preference. Black silicone tunnels your vision which can give you a more focused view as you are not distracted by anything else in your perhiphals. When aiming for a fish, all you want to do is focus on that and great the best chance of a clear aim as possible and the black silicone will allow this.


The Snorkel


The Cressi Corsica Snorkel is a spearfishing specific snorkel due to it being lightweight and streamline in the water. The mouthpiece is made from 100% silicone to give you maximum comfort and the barrel is a soft PU which can be folded up. The wide snorkel opening offers excellent ease of breathing so you will never feel short of breath. It comes with a sliding snorkel keeper that you use to connect it to your mask of choice. When spearfishing, it is preferred to not have a purge valve on the snorkel to prevent drag, this is why the Cressi Corsica snorkel is perfect for spearfishing.


The Fins


The Cressi Gara Modular Fins are designed for spearfishing and freediving. The length of this particular fin is from 87cm - 95, depending on the size and the blade is a regular stiffness. This means that it is perfect for wearing all day long in the water diving and will not be too harsh on your legs. The foot pocket is an advanced design that has softer rubber on the sides to allow self adjusting with wider feet. There is nothing worse than your fin foot pocket being too tight and giving you cramps. The Cressi Modular fin will prevent this from happening. The blades are inter changeable which means that you can swap them over, to upgrade or just replace the originals. Many freedivers will use carbon or fiberglass as they are more gentle on your legs, however they are also more delicate so you need to be careful with them. Available in a wide range of sizes from 38-39 - 46-47.


The Speargun


The Cressi Yuma Speargun is a fantastic short gun that is perfect for shallow reef diving or around headlands to get smal to mid sized reef fish. It is available in 85cm and 95cm which are the perfect lengths for shallow waters as they are easy to manouver and will not be too long for over shooting. The Yuma comes in an awesome blue camoflage colour that wraps the length of the 26mm barrel and looks so incredilble sleek. It is a raill gun which means that there is a rail running the length of the barrel where the spear sits in. When fired, the rail guide the spear out smoothly and perfectly straight without any wobble. Keep in mind that even though the rail keeps the spear straight, the gun is onle as accurate as the user. It comes with a 6mm spear that has a double notch and a single flopper which is what keeps the fish held on the spear after being shot. Connecting the shaft to the gun is a monofilamnent line that wraps around the plastic line release then doubles back to the open muzzle. A open muzzle is where the spear is held in place by the line which is tight so the spear is unable to move or rattle when in any current. The Yuma comes with a single 16mm rubber which is more than enough power to shoot mid sized fish, however with a double muzzle, it can infact hold 2 16mm rubbers if you decided to add another. The rubber has a metal bridle with euro adaptor which is extremely strong and durable and fits in to one of the 2 notchs.


The handle has a soft yet comfortable grip  that sits on a slight angle which can increase the shots precision and has a loading butt on the back which helps woth loading on your hip. Loading a short gun should always be done on your hip as this is the easiest way and the most comfortable. Loading on your chest gives you less pull and can also bruise your sternun. There is a saftey lock on the handle of the speargun which can be used by a single hand, however we never reccommend using this. Once the gun is loaded, it is loaded! Dont ever load the gun, put the saftey on and trust 100% on this as if it mis-fires, it can be deadly.


The Float


The Cresso Torpedo Float is a great buy as it is durable, covered by canvas with a inner bladder. Being inflatable, you can deflate it when not using it to store it away safely. The divers flag that it comes with is a world recognized flag to let boat owners know that you are in the water and to stay clear. Without a flag and float it can be very dangerous. The design of the Cressi Torpedo float allows it to be pulled along with a drag point on one end to increase glide over the water. A float is a important part of your spearfishing gear, this float will prevent you from loosing your gun. When rigged correctly, rope will be attached to the bottom of the gun handle, and to the float. When you shoot that fish and run out of breath, you can let go of your gun, swim to the surface and catch your breath. Then find your float...find your gun. Imagine letting go of your gun by accident....its then gone and you will never find it. This is why you NEED a float.


The Knife


The Cressi Mac Torpedo 11 BE Knife is designed for spearfishing however can be used when scuba diving or snorkeling. It has an 11.5cm Stainless steel blade that has a very cool blue camoflage print which makes it stand out to the rest. The blade has a serrated edge on one side and a straight cutting edge on the other which gives you the best of both worlds. It is a sturdy blade that is durable yet still slimline enough to brain a fish with ease and has a flopper adjuster at the base of the blade. There is a metal hammer at the rear of the comfortable rubber handle and the total length of the knife is 23.5cm. The Mac Torpedo 11 BE knife is a low profile design and can be worn on the arm or leg, depending on which you prefer as it comes with leg straps and a wrist strap that an be worn when the knife is not in its shealth. 


The Wetsuit


The Ocean Hunter Chameleon Core 3 is designed as a spearfishing wetsuit that is a 3mm in thickness. It has a dual camo design specifically made for Australian waters as it is a mixture of blue and green camoflage which helps to blend in to the environment. The idea of the camouflage suit is to become invisible underwater and do use it correctly and get the most out of the camo suit, you are to dive down to the ocean floor and lay and wait for the fish to come to you. Breath hold is so incredible important and spearfishing is not as good when you havent mastered your breath hold. Depending on your breath hold and diving depths will determine where you want to be diving, however starting off shallow where you can maximize the camo suit will allow you to hunt to your best ability. When you are laying on the ocean floor, the fish will have no idea your are there and come in closer than you could imagine. The blue/green combo allows you to blend in to a few different inviroments. 


Being 3mm in thickness the Chameleon Core perfect for majority of the year however in winter a thin vest may be needed for extra warmth or a hood and gloves. The Chameleon Core 3 has a back zipper with Velcro closure, flat lock stitching and hard wearing knee pads for extra strength when on the ocean floor. It also comes equipped with a loading pad on the chest which is designed to be used with longer spearguns where you can no longer load them on your thigh. The Chameleon is a steamer design which means it has long arms and long legs which will also prevent stingers and sunburn. 


The Socks


The Ocean Hunter 1.5mm Soft Fin Socks can be used with closed foot fins for greater warmth and to protect the skin from scratches and chafing, as well as with firm-soled boots, using open-heel fins, also for extra warmth. In this case, warmth is considerably increased and it is also easier to put on your wetsuit boots as we all know how hard that can be. These are one of the most comfortable socks on the market today due to the seams being where a normal socks seams are so there fore being extremely comfortable. The strecthyness allows ease of putting on and taking off. The 1.5mm Soft fin socks are a must have when purchasing closed heel fins as they make everything more comfortable.


The Gloves


The Cressi Spider Glove is a 2mm diving glove that is perfect for scuba diving and Spearfishing. This super stretchy neoprene allows extreme comfort as it molds to your hand "like a glove" fitting sizes XS - XXL. The Spider Glove has extra grip on the entire glove which helps when diving and having to hold on to mooring lines or rocks when the current is strong. When spearfishing, holding on to fish once they have been shot can be slippery sometimes, so the Cressi Spider glove is a great pick because of the nonslip grip. Gloves are an important item to have when in the water, especially in winter. You loose heat from you hands so keeping them covered will keep you warmer for longer. They will also prevent cuts and scratches.


The Weight Belt


The cressi rubber weight belt is specifically designed for spearfishing or freediving as it is made from a top quality rubber and grips to your wetsuit which prevents it from moving when diving down. The quick release stainless steel buckle is strong and durable and extremley important as having a buckle that can be release easily is a must for those emergency moments when you need to drop your weight. With only needing to use 1 hand, you can remove the belt in a split second.


When spearfishing or freediving we need weights to help us get down under the 5 meter bouyancy level. The weights will be heavy enough to get us below that mark, yet not too heavy for us to swim back to the surface. All divers weight different amounts, so everyone will have different amounts of weight and this is calculated roughly with a simple calculation. The generl rule is to use 5% of your body weight as ling as you are wearing a 3mm wetsuit. If you are not wearing a wetsuit, you will only need 2.5% approx. This is a general guide and can vary from diver to diver. Weight is not included.


The Bag


The Cressi Apnea XL Bag has been designed for spearfishing gear as it is long enough to fit spearfishing fins in to, however can be used for any watersports equipment. It is made from a heavy duty 840 denier nylon which is extremely strong and durable. It has one large main compartment and 2 separate side pouches that extend the entire length of the bag to keep your fins separate. Inside one of the side pockets is a smaller zip up pouch for documents and small objects. The Cressi Apnea XL bag has 2 strong carry handles with an adjustable shoulder strap and the zips are made from heavy duty YKK. A dive bag is an important part of your equipment as this is what will keep everything together and prevent loosing items.


Product Features


  • Cressi Yuma Speargun
  • Cressi Metis Mask
  • Cressi Corsica Snorkel
  • Cressi Gara Modular Fin
  • Cressi Rubber Weightbelt
  • O'Hunter 1.5mm sock
  • O'Hunter Chameleon Core 3 Wetsuit
  • Cressi Torpedo Float
  • Cressi Mac Torpedo 11BE Knig=fe
  • Cressi Apnea XL Bag
  • Cressi Spider Gloves




  • Wetsuit - Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large
  • Gun Length - 85cm , 95cm
  • Fin - 38/39, 40/41, 42/43, 44/45, 46/47
  • Socks - Small (6-7us), Medium (8-9us), Large(10-11us), X-Large (12-13us)
  • Glove - Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large
  • Bag Dimensions - 90cm x 40cm x 35cm


Care Instructions


  • Rinse every item throughly in fresh water after every use to remove salt water and sand
  • Do not use chemicals to clean
  • Do not leave in direct sunlight
  • Lay wetsuit flat to dry
  • Remove spear when cleaning and dry before storing
  • Keep in a dry safe place
  • Do not load speargun out of water
  • Do not rely on the safety catch






   Mares Smart Apnea Computer                        Shark Shield Freedom 7






Do I need a license to buy a speargun?


You do not need a license to purchase a speargun, however you may need a fishing license depending on which state you are in. In Queensland you do not need a fishing license.


How do I load my speargun?


The best place to load your spear gun is on your hip. Place the butt of the gun on your hip, lean over the gun to grab the rubber with palms facing upwards and pull with one swift movement towards you to hook the bridle on to the spear notch. If you can not reach the rubber (usually on 1.2m +) you will need to load the gun from your chest. Simply grab one side of the rubber with 1 hand whilst placing your other hand on the butt of the gun. As you start to pull the rubber towards you, push with the hand on the gun until you can slide the butt of the gun in to your chest and then grab the rubber with both hands and finish the load.


Where can I go spearfishing on the Gold Coast?


On the Gold Coast, you will need to stay out of all of the rivers and the broadwater. Stick to the headlands and ocean. There are fines if you get caught where you should not be and your gear can be confiscated. 


What length is best for me?


The best length of speargun for you depends on where you are spearfishing. If you are in shallow reef waters then a shorter gun from 50cm -110cm is perfect. If you are in deep open waters then 110cm - 140cm is perfect.


Can I shoot the gun out of water?


No, this is dangerous and all spearguns are to be used in water only. 


How do I stop the mask from fogging up?


Check out our how to prevent a mask from fogging blog. 


How do I clean the gear?


After every use, give everything a througher clean in fresh water to remove all salt, sand or chlorine. The better the clean, the longer the set will last. Store it away once dry somewhere dry and out of the elements including the sun.


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