Top 3 Spearguns

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Top 3 Spearguns




Cressi Mohawk                            Rob Allen Sparid EVO                              Riffe Euro




We have many questions about spearfishing and spearguns and one common question is which gun is the most popular. This is a great question and so we decided to let you know our top 3 selling guns and talk about them a little to hopefully help you decide on which one might suit you. We have 3 different brands that are top sellers that all have slight individual differences for personal preferences. We understand that everyone has a personal prefrence and an opionion, this advice page is purely what out best sellers are. Depending on where you are diving and what you are hunting will come in to account with which gun is more suitable to you. Below is a table with the differences:




The Cressi Mohawk      


The Cressi Mohawk is an Italian made, very good looking aluminium barrel speargun that is not only comfortable to use but easy to load and use. This gun comes with twin 14mm rubbers allowing an easier load than 16mm rubbers so perfect everyone. Load only one for smaller reef fish and both for thicker pelagic fish. It has an open muzzle with a magnet sitting on the tip on the barrel to keep the shaft held in nicely whilst wrapping the monofilament round. The open muzzle is a quiet design and prevents the shaft from rattling in the current which can sometimes spook fish if too loud. It has an ergonomic comfortable hand grip that is slightly smaller than the average to suit small to mid sized hands as well as females and juniors.


The shaft is a double notch and 7mm in thickness suited for small to mid sized fish. Connecting the shaft to the gun is a monofilament and a gun bungee that’s acts as a shock absorber to take pressure off the gun when shooting a fish. On the under of the barrel is a reel attachment point where you can easily connect a reel if you choose to. The reel is sold separately. The Cressi Mohawk has an all metal reverse trigger mechanism so there are no weak plastic parts on this particular mech allows it to be more durable. The reverse trigger mech means that it sits further back towards the butt on the gun which ultimately mean that the rubbers need to be pulled further back to the loading notch, giving you more power with each shot.


The Rob Allen Sparid Evo   


The Sparid Evo is Rob Allen’s most popular selling speargun in the range and in our store also. This black/grey camouflage aluminium barrel is very cool and sleek looking. The Sparid has been around for many years but the EVO is an upgraded new design with a semi open muzzle holding twin 14mm rubbers which are easier to load than the old 16mm rubber. The 14mm rubbers make it easier for women and juniors to load, yet when both loaded still give a punch of power for mid-sized fish so suitable for all divers.


The shaft is 7mm in thickness and connecting it to the gun is a monofilament and gun bungee. The bungee is attached to the bottom of the muzzle and acts as a shock absorber to take any strain off the gun and yourself. The Sparid Evo has a reel mount on the bottom of the barrel ready for a reel to be easily clipped on if needed. The Reels are sold separately. Rob Allen is a south African brand and a leader in the market with quality, its known by almost every spearfisherman.



The Riffe Euro       


The Riffe Euro is a hand crafted wooden speargun made from a high quality laminated teak wood and imported in from California. Riffe is top contender in brands in the spearfishing market being know for its quality and durability. The wooden guns just seem to last forever. It has an open magnetic muzzle and holds a 7.5mm shaft with twin 16mm rubbers. This gun is more suited for mid to large sized pelagic fish due to the amount of power that you will get from twin 16mm rubbers.


The shaft is attached to a monofilament line that connects to a 10mm gun bungee that acts as a shock absorber. On the bottom of the barrel are 2 screw attachment points for a gun reel that is recommended when hunting larger fish. The reel is sold separately but its extremely easy to connect. It has a comfortable rubber handle and a loading butt for easy loading on your thigh or chest.




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