The Ultimate Rob Allen Spearfishing Package

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The Ultimate Rob Allen Spearfishing Package
Rob Allen Snapper Mask and White Tip Snorkel Rob Allen Scorpia Speargun Rob Allen Scorpia Spearfishing Fins Rob Allen Tanker Spear Gun Bag Ocean Hunter Float with rope Ocean Hunter Dyneema Glove Ocean Hunter 3mm Neoprene Sock Rob Allen X-Blade Spearfishing knife Rob Allen Rubber Weight belt Mares Phantom 3.5mm Suit
  • Scorpia
  • Sparid Evo
  • Tuna Pro
  • 90cm
  • 100cm
  • 110cm
  • 120cm
  • Chameleon 2mm Small (2)
  • Chameleon 2mm Medium (3)
  • Chameleon 2mm Large (4)
  • Chameleon 2mm XLarge (5)
  • Chameleon 2mm XXLarge (6)
  • Scorpia X-Small (5-6)
  • Scorpia Small (6-7)
  • Scorpia Medium (8-9)
  • Scorpia Large (10-11)
  • Scorpia X-Large (12-13)
  • 3mm S (6-7)
  • 3mm M (8-9)
  • 3mm L (10-11)
  • 3mm XL (12-13)
  • Dyneema Small
  • Dyneema Medium
  • Dyneema Large
  • Dyneema X-Large
  • Dyneema XX-Large
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Product Description


The Ultimate Rob Allen Spearfishing Package is exactly what its title is! If you want to get in to spearfishing or simply want to upgrade your gear, this package is the perfect way to do so as it has everything that you need at a fantastic discounted price. It includes A Rob Allen Gun (you choose which one), mask, snorkel, fins, weight belt, knife, float, fins, gloves, wetsuit and bag. Purchasing a spearfishing pack allows you to get everything you need to get started with out having to think about it too much. We have put the pack together for spearfishing enthusiasts and below is a break down of each item that you will receive in this package including brand and information. 


The Speargun


The Rob Allen Sparid Evo Speargun is the new and improved 2.0 version of the origional top seller Sparid. The unique black/grey camoflage is extremley cool looking and keeps the EVO apart from the standard blue barrels. It is made from high grade aluminum which makes this gun is a great choice as it is lightweight, extremely sturdy and packs plenty of power. It is a rail gun which means that there is a rail running the length of the barrel where the spear sits in. When fired, the rail guides the spear out smoothly and perfectly straight without any wobble. Keep in mind that even though the rail keeps the spear straight, the gun is onle as accurate as the user. Coming with a 7mm shaft with a single flopper shat is engineered from a ultra tough spring steel that allows you to penetrate the largest of fish and connecting the spear to the gun is a monofilament that is rated to 180kg and this is connected to the gun bungee that sits under the barrel near the handle. Holding the mono tight against the gun when loaded is the stainless steel line release which drops the mono when the trigger is pulled to free the line. The single flopper is an extra piece of steel that loosly sits at the tip of the spear and is what holds the fish securly on the spear once it has penetrated through the fish. The flopper opens so the fish can not slide off. 


The Sparid EVO comes equipped with a closed double muzzle which means that it can hold 2 rubbers at one time to give maximum power. It come standard with a twin 14mm rubbers which allows for an easy load yet has enough power to have the 7mm shaft hit its maximum length without dropping off. If you want more thrust you can simply purchase twin 16mm rubber and keep the 14mm's as backups. Remember that loading a speargun is not about strength it is about technique.


The bridle that is part of the rubber is made from a durable dyneema that is hooked in to either notch on the top of the spear for loading. This is what holds pulls the spear out of the mechanism when the gun is fired and the rubber is what gives the power. There is a gun bungee that is a shock absorber which sits underneath the barrel and is connected to the muzzle at one end and the mono at the other end. These are made from a 10mm rubber and designed to give a bit of bounce when a fish takes off at speed with your spear. It will take pressure and strain off the gun and yourself, especially when the fish is larger with alot of power.


There is a safety catch on the handle of the gun that sits just above the trigger mechanism, this is to be used carefully and not to be relyed on. You should only load your gun when you are ready to shoot so do not load it, flick the safety on and then get ready as if the safety catch fails it could be potentially very dangerous. The Rob Allen Sparid EVO is available in 5 sizes from 90cm, 100cm, 110cm, 120cm and 130cm. 


The Mask


The Rob Allen Snapper Mirrored Mask is one of our most popular spearfishing mask that we stock. This is due to the mirrored lens and great seal. It is made from 100% liquid silicone which is extremely comfortable as it is softer than standard silicone and generally seals to faces better. The mirrored lens is what is amazing about this mask, the mirror is designed to allow fish to see themselves in the reflection and come closer with interest. If the fish can see your eyes, it can in fact sometimes spook them, where if they see what they think is another fish in the mirror, it will entice them closer. With the super easy adjustable side buckles that you squeeze to release, this mask is a great choice for not only beginners but advanced divers also. The Rob Allen Snapper comes in black silicone and is ultra low volume. The black silicone is generally used by spearfishermen however many divers do like the black silicone, it really is a personal preference. Being low volume means that there is less air inside the mask when being worn. When heading underwater, you need to equalize, this means you need to equalize the air inside your mask to prevent for mask squeeze. When scuba diving, this is easier as we have spare air to use from our tanks, however when spearfishing, you are on breathe hold so you need less air in your mask so you dont use up too much breathe equalizing. This is why the spearfishing masks are low volume. 


The Snorkel


The Rob Allen White Tip Snorkel is a specific spearfishing snorkel that is ultra flexible and highly dymanic in the water. The mouthpiece is made from 100% silicone and the wide barrel is designed for easy breathing. It comes with a sliding snorkel keeper that you use to connect it to your mask of choice. When spearfishing, it is preferred to not have a purge valve on the snorkel to prevent drag, this is why the Rob Allen White Tip snorkel is perfect for spearfishing.


The Fins


The Rob Allen Scorpia Fin is the perfect spearfishing for a diver who is getting in to it and does not want to spend a fortune, yet still get great quality. It is one of the best fitting fins available in todays market due to the extremely comfortable foot pocket which is a moulded rubber. This has been engineered to prevent over flexing when being used which gives superior transmission of leg energy to the fin blade. The Rob Allen Scorpia Fin has a softer blade than many with channels all the way down the blade which gives optimum water transfer to give plenty of thrust in the water, yet is not too harsh on your legs. The cool green camouflage color is designed to blend you in to the environment so you can ideally get closer to fish without spooking them. Due to being on breath hold, spear fishing and freedivers need all the power they can get to allow them go deeper quicker without using up too much air and effort. This is why the Rob Allen Scorpia fins are so long. Imagine if you were using a short blade fin, you would be kicking twice as often and using up twice as much air and effort. Many divers will choose to wear a neoprene sock inside of the fin. There are a few reasons for this, first is to prevent any rubbing or blisters that could possibly occur. Second is for warmth, after being in the water for a couple of hours, you will start to get cold, its inevitable, the neoprene socks will prevent this so you can enjoy your diving for longer. Last but not least is for protection, when walking from your car to the water entry point, many divers go off of rocks and to walk over these bare foot can be dangerous. A neoprene sock with grip will prevent you from slipping or getting cut.


Please note that the Scorpia Fins are designed to be worn with a 3mm neoprene sock. If you do not want to wear a sock then size down.


The Wetsuit


The O'Hunter Chameleon Extreme 2mm Wetsuit is a combination of a long sleeve hooded jacket with high waisted pants. This 2 piece suit is a 2mm thickness, but when wore together the chest is a 4mm. Perfect for all year round diving as in the warmer months you can wear the long john by itself and through the colder months you can wear both pieces. The new dual camouflage design has been made for Australian waters to help blend you in to the environment. This allows you to disappear underwater and get closer to fish. The outer material is a high stretch nylon and the inner is a closed cell.  The hard wearing knee pads and non slip loading pad makes this suit one to look for when purchasing new spearfishing gear. A loading pad is on the chest area and is used to load longer guns that can not be loading on the thigh.


The Knife


The Rob Allen X-Blade Knife has been brought back due to popular demand. This extremely low profile knife and sheath can be worn either on your forearm or your calf and is designed to sit so close to your body that you can not get it caught up on shooting line or float rope. Made with a stainless steel, this 105cm knife comes with a synthetic plastic handle with small nodules for grip. Within the handle is a built in spear wrench which can help you when your spear gets stuck in reef or larger fish. The dagger style knife is a very popular style when spearfishing, but can also be used for scuba diving. 


The Weight Belt


The Rob Allen Marsellaise weight belt is the safest of all freediving belts. It is made from a super flexible rubber that fits belt dive weights on to. The rubber grips to the weights allows them to have no movement and ther fore the weights will not slip around. Small diameter holes and the pin flicking 90 deg to the belt minimize the chance of the buckle re-engaging on release if you needed to drop the belt in an emergency. When spearfishing or freediving we need weights to help us get down under the 5 meter bouyancy level. The weigths will be heavy enough to get us below that mark, yet not too heavy for us to swim back to the surface. All divers weight different amounts, so everyone will have different amounts of weight. For more information contact Dive Warehouse on the Gold Coast to get a weight guide.


The Float


The O'Hunter Inflatable Float is a canvas covered float with a inner bladder that can be used for scuba diving or spearfishing. Being inflatable, you can deflate it when not using it to store it away safely and the bladder is replaceable. The divers flag that it comes with is a world recognized flag to let boat owners know that you are in the water and to stay clear. Without a flag and float it can be very dangerous. The design of the Ocean Hunter float allows it to be pulled along with a drag point on one end to increase glide over the water.  A float is a important part of your spearfishing gear, this float will prevent you from loosing your gun. When rigged correctly, rope will be attached to the bottom of the gun handle, and to the float. When you shoot that fish and run out of breath, you can let go of your gun, swim to the surface and catch your breath. Then find your float...find your gun. Imagine letting go of your gun by accident....its then gone and you will never find it. This is why you NEED a float.


The Socks


The Ocean Hunter 3mm Soft Fin Socks are an extremely comfortable sock designed to be worn inside of closed heel fins to prevent blisters. They also aid you in keeping your feet warm, alot of your body's heat is released from your feet so keeping them warm allows you to stay in the water longer as you stay warmer. The Ocean Hunter 3mm Soft Fin Socks are often used in spearfishing fins as these tend to be a harder rubber and the 3mm cushions your feet. Many scuba divers will also wear these fin sock inside of their dive boots to extra warmth. If you are jetskiing, kayaking, snorkeling or fishing off the rocks, these socks will be perfect for warmth, grap and general safety. Something every water sports enthusiast needs.


The Glove


The Ocean Hunter Dyneema Gloves are a very popular choice when spearfishing. They are made from dyneema and are highly abrasion resistant which is perfect for spiney fish and teeth. They are not built for warmth but for safety so being dyneema they are flexible and super comfortable to wear which means that you have alot of dexerity which is important when spearfishing. Available in a range of sizes from S - XL to suit everyone, these have been proven to be a popular choice. 


The Bag


The Rob Allen Tanker Gun Bag is the perfect bag for those big time spear fishermen who travel alot with many guns. This extra wide padded bag keeps your guns secure and safe from damage when traveling and when at home in the garage. It is 30cm in width and 205cm in length, holding up to 10 spearguns. It also has an internal pouch that is designed to hold spears that are all ready rigged up to keep them safe and out of the way. If you only have one or two guns, this can still be the bag for you, chuck in your fins, mask, snorkel and wetsuit along with all of your other gear. This bag really is the ultimate spearfishing transit bag. It is made from polyester reinforced PVC with YKK durable zippers that can be locked. Don't miss out and grab this bargain today.


Product Features


  • Rob Allen Sparid EVO Speargun

  • Rob Allen Snapper mask

  • Rob Allen White tip snorkel

  • Rob Allen Scorpia fin

  • Ocean Hunter Chameleon 2mm Suit

  • Ocean Hunter Float

  • Rob Allen Tanker bag

  • Ocean Hyunter Dyneema Glove

  • Ocean Hunter 3mm fin Sock

  • Rob Allen rubber weight belt

  • Rob Allen X-blade knife




  • Wetsuit - Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large

  • Gun Length - 90cm, 100cm,110cm, 120cm

  • Fin - Small (8-9us), Medium (10-11us), Large (12-13us)

  • Socks - X Small (6-7us), Medium (8-9us), Large(10-11us), Large (12-13us)

  • Glove - Small, Medium, Large, X-Large

  • Bag Dimensions - 205cm x 9cm x 30cm


Care Instructions


  • Rinse every item throughly in fresh water after every use to remove salt water and sand

  • Do not use chemicals to clean

  • Do not leave in direct sunlight

  • Lay wetsuit flat to dry

  • Remove spear when cleaning and dry before storing

  • Keep in a dry safe place

  • Do not load speargun out of water

  • Do not rely on the safety catch 






Mares Smart Apnea Computer                      Rob Allen Waist Cray Bag







Do I need a license to buy a speargun?


You do not need a license to purchase a speargun, however you may need a fishing license depending on which state you are in. In Queensland you do not need a fishing license.


How do I load my speargun?


The best place to load your spear gun is on your hip. Place the butt of the gun on your hip, lean over the gun to grab the rubber with palms facing upwards and pull with one swift movement towards you to hook the bridle on to the spear notch. If you can not reach the rubber (usually on 1.2m +) you will need to load the gun from your chest. Simply grab one side of the rubber with 1 hand whilst placing your other hand on the butt of the gun. As you start to pull the rubber towards you, push with the hand on the gun until you can slide the butt of the gun in to your chest and then grab the rubber with both hands and finish the load.


Where can I go spearfishing on the Gold Coast?


On the Gold Coast, you will need to stay out of all of the rivers and the broadwater. Stick to the headlands and ocean. There are fines if you get caught where you should not be and your gear can be confiscated. 


What length is best for me?


The best length of speargun for you depends on where you are spearfishing. If you are in shallow reef waters then a shorter gun from 50cm -110cm is perfect. If you are in deep open waters then 110cm - 140cm is perfect.


Can I shoot the gun out of water?


No, this is dangerous and all spearguns are to be used in water only. 


How do I stop the mask from fogging up?


Check out our how to prevent a mask from fogging blog. 


How do I clean the gear?


After every use, give everything a througher clean in fresh water to remove all salt, sand or chlorine. The better the clean, the longer the set will last. Store it away once dry somewhere dry and out of the elements including the sun.


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