Speedo Fastskin Squad Swim Pack

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Speedo Fastskin Squad Swim Pack
Fastskin Kickboard Fastskin Pull Bouy Fastskin Hand Paddle Fastskin Fins Centre Snorkel Competition Nose Clip Silicone Cap Mesh Bag
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Speedo Fastskin Squad Swim Pack

The Speedo Fastskin Squad Swim Pack has been put together to create the ultimate elite swim pack that contains all of the essential items when swimming for squad. If you love swimming and want to get the best of the best, this pack is the way to go. It contains all Speedo products including, Fastskin Kickboard, Pullbuoy, Fins and Hand paddles as well as the centre snorkel, nose clip, silicone cap and a mesh bag to hold it all together.


The Speedo Fastskin Kickboard is an ergonomically designed board which allows you to get more speed and stability in the water by the straight line ridge on the bottom. The hydro-dynamic form encourages faster kicks and allows you to get a better workout. It is durability sealed with a gloss finish which has it last longer than the average foam kickboards.  The Speedo Fastskin kickboard has beend designed and tested in the aqualab. A kickboard is designed to give to support in the pool when focusing on your kicking, it is not there for buoyancy to keep you afloat but purely a guide. Whether you are wanting to have a casual swim or training in a squad for a big upcoming race, this board will give you all you need to help you get to your goal


The Speedo Fastskin Pullbuoy is an ergonomically shaped buoy that gives maximum support and puts you in the optimal position when in the water. When you are in the correct swim position you tend to swim faster and increase upper body strength. The durable gloss seal allows the bouy to last longer than the average pull bouys. This has been designed and tested in the Speedo aqualab. A pullbuoy is designed to keep your legs together when focusing on your stroke as if you kick or open your legs, the pullbuoy will pop out and therefore defeat its purpose. 


The Speedo Fastskin Hand Paddles are a top quality paddle that can be used by all swimmers. Whether you are trying to correct your hand position, perfect your stroke or simply improve your upper body strength, these hand paddles will do it. The Fastskin hand paddles are a one size fits all and gives a secure fit for the best possible stroke. They improve your technique and power as well as making sure your hands are in the perfect position for getting the most out of your swim. They have been designed and tested in the Speedo Aqualab.


The Speedo Fastskin Kick Fins are part of Speedo's fantastic Fast Skin Elite range of swim gear. These particular fins are made with a dual material construction of polyproplene and Thermoplastic rubber creating a super light weight product that still gives maximum power and thrust. The 3D foot form technology provides comfort and a secure fit with a left and right foot pocket which standard fins do not have. The short dual rail blade is perfect for squad training or casual swimming where you want to get a good workout, building muscle strength and correcting strokes. 


The Speedo Centre Swimming snorkel allows swimmers the ability to focus on stroke technique without the interruption of turning your head to breath. Allowing for a full range of motion this tool can be used for all strokes. It has a one way purge valve for easy clearing and the mouth piece is 100% silicone. Not only used for training, but for swimmers who need rehabilitation and can not move their head side to side. The centre snorkel comes with a head band strap that attaches around your fore head, this allows you to be able to wear any style of swimming goggle without interruptions. Many swimmers have problems when it comes to breathing techniques while concentrating on arm strokes, this is where the centre snorkel is perfect to have. When you are using the Speedo Centre Snorkel, you will need to purchase a nose piece. This is due to when you breathe in through your mouth, air will automatically go up your nose also and so in the water this will not be plesant.


The Speedo Competition nose clip is used to keep water from going up your nose. Many swimmers can not swim without a nose clip so this is pefect for them. It can be used for training, recreational or racing as it is light weight and super comfortable. With the adjustable steel frame that bends into place, it can be worn by all face shapes. If you are doing back stroke or swimming with a centre snorkel, this nose clip is a must as these are the times where most water will go up your nose. It comes with a reusable storage box for after you have finished swimming you can put it in here to prevent you from loosing it. 


The Speedo Moulded Silicone Swimming Cap comes in many different great colours, one for every personality. Its new ergonomic 3D design is for superb comfort and fit. This Speedo Swim Cap is 100% moulded silicone and lasts the distance with the correct care. It is extremely durable as made from great quality material. Silicone caps need to be put on with care, the best way to put on one correctly is to insert your hands in to the caps and spread your fingers to the shape of the cap, then starting from the crown of your head, drag the cap straight down over your hair until you reach your ears then pull your hands out. This is the best way to put on the caps as if you grab and pull from front to back, it is more likely to tear. A swimming cap should be in every swimming gear bag.


The Speedo Equipment mesh bag is ideal to keep all swimming gear together. It's made from mesh which allows airflow and drainage for quick drying. If you put your wet swimming gear into a bag with no air flow, it will end up smelly and can turn mouldy due to it not being able to dry. This bag is perfect for keeping all of your swimming equipment together so nothing gets lost, and to easily identify your gear. Its capacity is 35 litres and has a adjustable strap that can be worn as a backpack. The easy close drawstring toggle allows you to close up the bag so nothing falls out. Its size is 49cm x 68cm. Every swimmer should have a mesh bag, it just makes life easier!

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