Speedo Elite Swim Pack

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Speedo Elite Swim Pack
EVA Kickboard Elite Pull Bouy Finger Paddle Centre Snorkel Training Short Fin Mesh Equipment Bag - Black Mesh Equipment Bag - Red Mesh Equipment Bag - Blue
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Speedo Elite Swim Pack



The Speedo Elite Swim Pack has been desiged for the swimmers out there who have advanced from "starter" and are now using more products. This particular pack includes the Speedo Training fins, EVA kickboard, pullbuoy, centre snorkel, mesh bag and finger paddles. Purchasing a pack is a more affordable way to go when looking at new gear.


The Speedo Training fins are a short style swimming fin made from 100% silicone which makes them extremely comfortable and soft to wear. They are a dual density design which offers a stiff blade with a soft foot pocket. The idea with wearing a fin is to improve swimming endurance, strength, technique and increase fitness levels. The reason why you would choose a short training fin over a long fin would be for you to get a quicker more intense workout rather than a easier workout. Think about it, when you are wearing short fins, you are kicking twice as often, therefore working out twice as much. If you want to get in the water for less than a hour and are rushed for time, the short fins are the way to go. Super comfortable and a great look.


The Speedo Eva Kickboard is a essential training accessory for swimmers of all levels. Made from EVA foam, the construction of this kickboard is designed for durability and comfort during swimming, reducing shoulder stress and increasing body strength. It can be used for beginners to gain confidence in the water or for top athletes for training. The Speedo Eva Kickboard is smaller than the standard size however it is more dense, therefore having the same buoyancy than the larger boards. This is a plus as it is generally more comfortable to use. A kickboard is not designed to be able to float you in the water, it is merely a guide to follow.


The Speedo Elite pullbuoy offers a complete solution for swimmers of all abilities who are looking to improve their health and fitness, technique or performance in the water. Developed using the latest technology and materials, the Speedo Elite Pullbuoy is the perfect accessory for any swim session. It is designed to improve upper body strength and technique by being put between your thighs to prevent you from kicking, this in turn makes your upper body work harder and therefore building strength. It is shaped with one side thicker than the other which helps to keep it between your legs, the thicker side faces forward so when you are swimming, this thicker side is pushing upwards to keep you afloat. The Elite pullbuoy can be used by all level of swimmers, however if you are learning to swim, it is not recommended as you need to concentrate on kicking techniques first.


The Speedo Equipment mesh bag is ideal to keep all swimming gear together. It is made from mesh which allows airflow and drainage for quick drying. If you put your wet swimming gear in to a bag with no air flow, it will end up smelly and can turn mouldy due to it not being able to dry. This bag is perfect for keeping all of your swimming equipment together so nothing gets lost, and to easily identify your gear. Its capacity is 35 litres and has a adjustable strap that can be worn as a backpack. The easy close drawstring toggle allows you to close up the bag so nothing falls out. Its size is 49cm x 68cm. Every swimmer should have a mesh bag, it just makes life easier!


The Speedo Centre swimming snorkel allows swimmers the ability to focus on stroke technique without the interruption of turning your head to breath. Allowing for a full range of motion this tool can be used for all strokes. It has a one way purge valve for easy clearing and the mouth piece is 100% silicone. Not only used for training, but for swimmers who need rehabilitation and can not move their head side to side. The Centre snorkel comes with a head band strap that attaches around your forehead, this allows you to be able to wear any style of swimming goggle without interruptions. Many swimmers have problems when it comes to breathing techniques while concentrating on arm strokes, this is where the centre snorkel is perfect to have. When you are using the Speedo Centre Snorkel, you will need to purchase a nose piece. This is due to when you breathe in through your mouth, air will automatically go up your nose also and so in the water this will not be plesant. The Speedo nose clip is in the link below.


The Speedo Biofuse finger paddles have been designed to be worn on the tips of your fingers to give resistance when swimming. This allows you to build you upper body strength and power while in the water. The ergonomically engineered shape has been made to improve the grip and to reduce hand fatigue which can happen if you are using a unshaped hand paddles. The rubber straps are of quality and are what hold your hands securely on the the finger paddle. The finger paddles come in three sizes, small, medium and large, yet in those three sizes they can be adjusted by the straps for tightness. These are generally used by intermediate or advanced swimmers and when you are a beginner, you need to concentrate more on your stroke actions and kicking styles rather than building muscles.


Please note that colours may vary slightly. Any questions, contact us on 07 55316511

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